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Top Five NFL MVP Candidates

As Super Bowl LV nears, the NFL Honors Awards is right around the corner. With all the talent, historic stats, and mesmerizing plays we have seen this past year it’s time to name the National Football League’s 2020-2021 Most Valuable Player. Let’s take a look at my top five MVP candidates for this past season.

5. Davante Adams, WR Green Bay Packers

Davante Adams has built a strong case this year for being considered as the best wideout in the NFL. The same thing can be said about making a case to be named as the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. Adams finished his regular season with 115/149 REC/TGTS, 1,374 yards receiving, one fumble, and 18 touchdowns. Adams has been with Green Bay since 2014 and has always been Rodgers’ “go to guy” once Adams got used to the role. Adams did not do too shabby against the number one ranked Los Angeles Rams defense finishing with 9/10 REC/TGTS, 66 yards receiving, and one touchdown. It’s safe to say that Adams has done more than enough to put his name into the MVP conversation.

4. Derrick Henry, RB Tennessee Titans

We have always known how much of a beast Derrick Henry is ever since he was at Alabama, but his 5th season as a pro was something special. Henry made some historic milestones. He joined an exclusive club this year with being one of eight players to rush for 2,000+ yards rushing. Henry finished the regular season with 2,027 yards rushing, 378 attempts, 17 touchdowns, 98 first downs, and went 2/3 on fumbles/fumbles lost. Obviously Henry led the League in rushing but it is honestly amazing that we all get to witness history like this on a yearly basis. 

3. Josh Allen, QB Buffalo Bills

I will happily admit, I was not a huge fan of buffalo drafting Allen at first but boy was I incredibly wrong there. Allen finished his third year as a pro and has been absolutely killing it ever since. He has led the Bills to back to back playoff appearances and this year he made it as far as an AFC Championship appearance. Allen finished his regular season with 396/572 CMP/ATT, 69.2 completion percentage, 4,544 yards passing, 37/10 TD/INT, and finished with a 107.2 QBR. Allen fared well vs the Indianapolis Colts but did not fare well in the AFC Championship game against Kansas City with a 38-24 loss. Josh Allen had a phenomenal year and I would be absolutely shocked if he was not in the top three.

2. Patrick Mahomes, QB Kansas City Chiefs

How can you not include the man himself, Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes has been massacring any opponent that comes his way for the past three years as a full time starter and has already won the MVP award back in 2018. Mahomes is entering his second straight Super Bowl next week when he faces Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Mahomes finished yet another incredible regular season going 390/588 CMP/ATT, 66.3 completion percentage, 4,740 yards passing, 38/6 TD/INT, and finished with a 108.2 QBR. He is always going to be in the conversation just for the simple fact that he is the new face of the NFL but so far his numbers will back that talk up in a heartbeat. It is important to also note that Mahomes is currently 24-1 in his last 25 games with that single loss being at the hands of the Las Vegas Raiders. Mahomes will continue to be in this conversation for years to come but this year, he was not the absolute best.

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1. Aaron Rodgers, QB Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers had himself a phenomenal year with not many weapons around him. Rodgers has a knack for doing that sort of thing. He ended his regular season going 372/526 CMP/ATT, 70.7 completion percentage, 4,299 yards passing, 48/5 TD/INT and finished with a 121.5 QBR. Rodgers led the Packers to a second straight NFC Championship game but fell short to the same Buccaneers team that handed them a blowout loss in the regular season. While Green Bay’s season ended with a 31-26 loss, Rodgers still outplayed Tom Brady and ended the game with 33/48, 346 yards passing, 3/1 TD/INT, and a 66.8 QBR. Once the Packers front office finally answers Rodgers’ pleas for help and drafts him another weapon in the first round, we may very well see Green Bay in a Super Bowl.

I think this one is a clear cut and dry answer for who should be the 2020-2021 NFL Most Valuable Player and that player is Aaron Rodgers. Not only is he still able to produce an insane statline, but he has done that with little help. I can see cases being made for every single player that I have listed here but in the end, I can only see Rodgers taking the throne on this one. At 37 years of age, Aaron Rodgers is still showing that he deserved to be at the top of these conversations and if the Packers get him some help, we could be looking at a Super Bowl team in the near future.

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