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Tampa Bay Holds the Packers to 200 Yards of Offense

Yesterday’s game had the Buccaneers going up against the Packers in America’s Game of the Week. This was supposed to be a battle of QBs in a shootout to prove who is the better QB once and for all. Aaron Rodgers supporters were finally happy to see Tom Brady outside of a Patriots uniform. Brady supporters were happy to see Rodgers again because the comparisons are never ending. The final score of this game was 38-10, and it was not the game that most of us expected. Let’s see how this game played out and what we can take away from it.

To begin the game, the Packers came out hot by getting anything they wanted. They were held to a field goal on the opening possession, and then quickly got the ball back and went up 10-0. This prompted a little celebration from Rodgers that the Bucs defense did not take lightly.

After that, the defense started to play with an edge. They returned an interception for a touchdown, and then a couple throws later, got another pick off of Rodgers, who had not thrown an interception all season up until then. The linebacking core was flying around making plays and blowing up every opportunity that Aaron Jones thought he had. They did not give up another point for the remainder of the game. This is a SCARY defense that teams will not want to face going forward.

As for the offense, they got a spark from one of their most important additions this offseason. Rob Gronkowski finally had his breakout game and scored his first touchdown since he was in New England with Brady. He is starting to look more and more like his old self the more he plays. He initially stated that he came to Tampa to block, which may be true, but everyone knows a tight end or receiver’s best days come when they put up numbers.

Gronk had his hand in the blocking game too as well, as Ronald Jones (aka RoJo) had another monster game. He finished the game with 23 carries for 113 yards and 2 TDs. He also had a couple of catches to mix it up for his fantasy owners. This is good news for the Bucs that they were able to run the ball so well the past few weeks without Leonard Fournette. He has been injured and now they don’t have to rush him back, because RoJo is proving that he can carry the load offensively.

Even though they scored 31 points, I still don’t think this offense is clicking on all cylinders as they could be. They had a lot of short field opportunities in which they converted, but this team is not a running team. They have a good enough offensive line to pound the ball consistently, and with a light box I can certainly understand how they are relying on the run so early against their matchups. But if this offense wants to reach its full potential, they need Mike Evans and Chris Godwin to touch the ball more. These are two of the best receivers the game has to offer, and they need the ball for this to be proven week in and week out. But with the defense playing as well as they are and the running game proving it can carry this offense, as the old saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

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