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Should the Eagles Trade Alshon Jeffery

With the NFL off-season in full motion, the Eagles are looking to move wide receiver Alshon Jeffery after just 3 seasons. Jeffrey, who played an integral part for the Eagles in their 2017 Championship, has shown glimpses of potential for the Eagles, but has never really performed consistently at that level. 

By being a large target and the Eagles’ #1 wide receiver, Jeffery played a large role in drawing in the defense and attracting the other team’s best corner. Because of this, even if Jeffery didn’t have a direct role in a play, he still contributed to spacing out the defense and opening up passes to other receivers.

Through this, other Eagles’ receivers benefitted such as Nelson Agholor, who had a breakout season in 2017 after Jeffery was signed.

With that said, Jeffery has under-performed in the past two seasons. This is a problem for the Eagles as Jeffery’s contract is valued at $52 million, which is the 14th highest contract for wide receivers.

While Jeffery has made big plays, consistency has been a problem for him, as he only has one 800+ receiving yard season in three years in Philly. While the Eagles are an objectively better looking team with Jeffery on it, he is a 29 year old wide receiver with an over-sized contract. 

Additionally, both the Eagles and Jeffery have expressed their desire to move on from each other. Jeffery has recently stated that he “would welcome the change of scenery” should he be moved and the Eagles have reportedly been shopping Jeffery along with other players. 

One name that is being brought up with Jeffery is offensive tackle Andre Dillard who is going into his second season in 2020. As the Eagles’ 2019 first round pick who had a decent year as a rookie, Dillard would be used in a trade to add value to Jeffery and his contract. If this is the case, the Eagles would likely be targeting higher-valued guys such as defensive-end Yannick Ngakoue.

As the Eagles have options and there is no need to have Alshon on their roster, some of these trades could be beneficial to the Eagles. However, the Eagles should not wager away their younger core just alleviate themselves from Jeffery’s contract.

Dillard is Philadelphia’s next franchise LT, so there’s no need to rush his development or trade him away, as offensive tackle is one of the most difficult positions to get adjusted to in the NFL from college.

With the Eagles looking to move Jeffery this off-season, it is important for them to have value in mind and not trade away other important players without much in return. As the Eagles are beginning to shop these kinds of players, they’re also trying to prevent a $26 million charge in dead money against the salary cap if Jeffery was cut.

Because of this, a trade involving Jeffery seems all the more likely. With players such as AJ Bouye already being moved this off-season, it’s likely that trade talks between the Eagles and teams needing wide receivers have already begun to unfold.

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