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Should I Stay or Should I Go

Should I stay, or should I go?

I’m sure this 1982 smash hit is number one Leveon Bell’s playlist along with 99 percent of Steeler nation. This question, unlike the smash hit, is a relevant one to be asked. As free agency approaches the star halfback is still without a long-term deal. That’s not to say a deal can’t come together at any moment, although the chances of that happening are unlikely. Both sides have expressed interest in getting a long-term contract completed; but, both have also set an unofficial deadline: February 20, 2018, which has come and gone. This leaves both sides with a lot of uncertainty, granted Pittsburgh can always choose to slap the franchise tag on Leveon, but they’d just be prolonging the inevitable. It would be like the Washington Redskins’ situation with fellow unrestricted free agent Kirk Cousin. Leveon Bell has said in the past he didn’t want to play on the franchise tag even threatening to retire; however, he has since changed his tune. Although both sides seem to be headed for the franchise tag it’s in the best interest for all involved to reach a long-term agreement rather than deal with this again next off season, especially with even more core players hitting the open market. If both sides cannot come to an agreement by the start of the new league year, I think No. 26 should find a new home because he’d only be prolonging the inevitable.

Final Verdict: GO!







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