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BREAKING NEWS: Patrick Mahomes Signs Record Setting Contract Extension With the Chiefs

The highest contract in American sports once belonged to MLB star Mike Trout at 12 years/$426.5 million, but that has changed, as Patrick Mahomes’ extension with the Kansas City Chiefs has shattered that number. Kansas City and the reigning Super Bowl MVP have come to an agreement on a 10 year/$450 million deal that can go up to $503 million with incentives.

Mahomes still has 2 years/$27.6 million left on his current deal, so this 10 year contract will come into effect after two years. This extension carries $477 million of guarantee money with it. Mahomes is set to make $45 million a year, which is obviously a lot, but this number could be surpassed in the next five years when younger QBs like Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray hit the back end of their rookie contract.

If the salary cap continuously goes up year after year, the Chiefs may actually have a steal on their hands, as the QB market could exceed the current value of Mahomes’ contract. Now we just have to wait and see what this contract does for some one like Dak Prescott in terms of negotiation.

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