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One Free Agent for Each Team

With most team’s seasons being over, it’s time to start looking at free agency. With guys like Dak Prescott, Chris Godwin and Justin Simmons all becoming free agents; it’s going to be a fun offseason to watch. In today’s article we are breaking down each team, and selecting one free agent that each team should try and acquire. We’re taking into account cap space and team needs to determine the best offseason signing for each team. 

Arizona Cardinals 

Tight End Jonnu Smith, Titans 

The first team I looked at is the Arizona Cardinals. I have them signing tight end Jonnu Smith. The Cardinals have built a nice young core around Kyler Murray, but adding a speedy TE would make this offense even scarier. Tight end is a position where the Cardinals lacked this season, their starting tight end, Dan Arnold, was average with only 225 receiving yards. He sure wasn’t someone that opposing defenses feared. There’s a good chance that Smith resigns with the Titans, but if he doesn’t he would be a great option for the Cardinals to pursue. 

Atlanta Falcons 

Cornerback William Jackson III, Bengals 

The Falcons are a team that I can see doing big things in 2021. If they make a few adjustments in the offseason, we could see a much different team next year. In last year’s draft they selected cornerback A.J. Terrell. Terrell has been a breakout star this season; although outside of Terrell their corners are very weak. Bringing in a guy like Jackson III would be huge for the Falcons. Jackson hasn’t been as great since his huge sophomore season back in 2017, where he allowed a passer rating of 36.1. Although there’s still hope, and if he’s put in the right system we could see Jackson flourish. Adding a fast corner like Jackson would be a great signing. Although if they can’t make a deal with him, guys like Chidobie Awuzie and Richard Sherman would be other great options. 

Buffalo Bills 

Offensive Tackle Alejandro Villanueva, Steelers 

The Bills are one of the most complete teams in the NFL. I don’t expect them to be too active in free agency, but there are a few guys they could pursue. One area they struggle in is tackle. Tackles Dion Dawkins and Daryl Williams haven’t been great. With a good amount of cap space, signing Alejando Villanueave from the Steelers would be a great move. Villanueva has been a great player for the Steelers. Although with him expected to walk, the Bills could be a possible landing spot. Providing a blindside blocker for Josh Allen, would be crucial. With an improved o-line, this Bills team would be scary. 

Baltimore Ravens 

Wide Receiver Allen Robinson, Bears 

The Ravens have one of the worst receiving groups in the NFL. Marquise “Hollywood” Brown hasn’t lived up to the expectation, Miles Boykin isn’t very good and Willie Snead is average. I love that they brought in Dez Bryant, but he’s not the same as he used to be. Signing Allen Robinson would make this team an instant contender. Lamar Jackson has been elite this season, even with hardly any help at receiver. Robinson is in the same boat; he’s been a top 10 wide receiver with very poor quarterback play. Pairing these two together would make one of the scariest duos in the league. With a strong defense and a stellar run game, bringing in Robinson would turn the Ravens into a top five team. 

Carolina Panthers 

Linebacker Lavontae David, Bucs 

The Panthers are building a nice young core on defense. Although they are still lacking a run stopping linebacker such as Lavaontae David. There’s a good chance that David resigns with the Bucs, but if he doesn’t Carolina would be a great landing spot. The Panthers have been looking for a run stopping linebacker since losing Luke Kuechly to retirement last year. David would fill this role nicely. 

Cincinnati Bengals 

Offensive Guard Brandon Scherff, Football Team 

The Bengals have one of the worst offensive lines in the league. Burrow took way too many hits this season and his average time to throw this season was 2.4 seconds. The Bengals have a talented young offense, but you can’t succeed without a good o-line. Signing Brandon Scherff would be huge for the Bengals. Scherff has been a top guard in the league for years; Bringing him in would tremendously help beef up this offense. With around 25 million in available cap, this is a move I could see the Bengals pursuing. 

Cleveland Browns 

Safety Anthony Harris, Vikings 

The Browns definitely could use some secondary help. Last year’s second round pick, Grant Delpit, didn’t play this season due to injury. He could definitely develop this season into a good safety, and pairing him with Anthony Harris could be a scary duo. Harris is a ballhawk who is excellent in coverage. There’s a good chance however that the Vikings re-sign Harris to a long term deal, but if they don’t I think it would be a great pickup for the Browns. 

Chicago Bears 

Wide Receiver Marvin Jones, Lions 

The Bears don’t have many options in free agency. With hardly any available cap, they can’t make many moves in free agency. Although bringing in a veteran wide receiver would be smart. With Robinson most likely singing elsewhere, signing Marvin Jones would be a nice move. This offense struggled in 2020 and they’re going to need to make some changes on offense if they want to compete next season. I expect them to draft a wide receiver in the draft this year, so having a veteran like Jones help bring them in would be huge. 

Dallas Cowboys 

Cornerback Desmond King, Titans 

The Cowboys were atrocious on defense this year. Although they battled injuries, this team did not live up to the expectations this season. The Cowboys could desperately use some corner

help. Signing Desmond King would help fill that need. King is one of the top slot corners in the league. Plus with Chidobie Awuzie likely singing elsewhere, they’re gonna need to fill that role. King hasn’t been as great as he was earlier in his career, but he’s still young and could develop into a great corner for the Cowboys. 

Denver Broncos 

Safety John Johnson, Rams 

The Broncos had a very solid defense this season. Although where they could improve is in the secondary. Signing John Johnson would be a huge signing. Justin Simmons will become a free agent, and it’s not guaranteed that they reach a deal with him. If they can’t, Johnson would fill his role excellently. When healthy Johnson is an elite safety. He’s going to be an expensive hire, but would make a huge difference on this Broncos defense. 

Detroit Lions 

EDGE Shaquill Barret, Bucs 

The Lions pass rush this season was one of the worst in the league. In today’s NFL, if you don’t have a good pass rush it’s very hard to win games. Signing edge defender Shaquill Barret would be a huge boost to this defense. The Bucs have lots of guys hitting free agency in 2021, so it’s going to be interesting to see who they re-sign. Barret could be someone that signs a long term deal with Tampa, but if he doesn’t the Lions would be a great fit. 

Green Bay Packers 

Linebacker Jayon Brown, Titans 

The Packers are another very complete team. Their offense this season has played at an insane level, and their defense hasn’t been much worse. Although one place they lack is they don’t have a great off-ball linebacker. Having a fast off ball linebacker in today’s NFL is crucial. Signing a guy like Jayon Brown would be big for this Packers defense. Although the packers have one of the lowest cap spaces in the league. Brown has played well this year so he may demand a bit of money, but if they can workout a reasonable contract for him this would be a great move. 

Houston Texans 

EDGE Melvin Ingram, Chargers 

The Texans could desperately use some help on defense. There are rumors about Deshaun Watson and Will fuller singing elsewhere; if that happens they should pick up some weapons on offense. Although assuming they stay I think Melvin Ingram would be a perfect signing. Ingram was hurt for much of this season, but I think he will come back healthy and be just as dominant. Pairing J.J Watt with another elite pass rusher would really help improve this defense. With only 34 sacks on the year, this team could really benefit by bringing in a talented pass rusher. 

Indianapolis Colts 

Quarterback Dak Prescott, Cowboys

We likely witnessed Philip Rivers last game on Sunday. All year people have questioned whether Rivers would play another season or not. Sunday’s loss to the Bills made it obvious that he’s not the guy he used to be. That puts the Colts in line to find a new quarterback. With Dak Prescott becoming a free agent, the Colts have no reason not to pursue him. It’s likely he signs back with the Cowboys, but if he doesn’t this would be a tremendous move for the Colts. With nearly 100 million dollars in available cap space, the Colts could offer Prescott a serious contract. Also drafting at pick 21, doesn’t put the Colts in a very great spot to draft a QB. With most of the elite quarterbacks already going to be off the board, they should consider looking into free agency for their next QB. 

Kansas City Chiefs 

EDGE Jadeveon Clowney, Titans 

The Chiefs have invested heavily into their pass rush. With over 40 million combined going to Frank Clark and Chris Jones. Although the Chiefs pass rush could still use some work. Bringing in edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney would be a nice addition. Clowney could help take some attention away from Clark and Jones. With less double teams on guys like Chris Jones, I think we could really see this Chiefs D flourish. Although Clowney hasn’t been the player we thought he would be. His athleticism is one of the best in the NFL, but he hasn’t necessarily translated that to the field. Nonetheless, I still think singing Clowney to a cheap contract could benefit this defense. 

Los Angeles Chargers 

Offensive Tackle Trent Williams, Raiders 

The Los Angeles Chargers have a bright future. With QB Justin Herbert breaking out this season. I think this offense shows some big potential. Although improving the offensive line is crucial. Trent Williams has been a top tackle in the league this year. Having him protect Justin Herbert’s blindside would be crucial in helping Herbert stay healthy, and giving him time in the pocket. Once you find a good young QB, you have to build around them. With the Chargers having a good bit of cap to work with this offseason, expect them to go out and sign someone like Williams. 

Los Angeles Rams 

Linebacker Raekwon McMillian, Raiders 

The Rams have a top defense in the league. They have an elite pass rusher with Aaron Donald, and a lockdown corner in Jalen Ramsey. Although there’s always room for improvement. I think they could sign Raekwon McMillian, linebacker from the raiders. They don’t have much cap space to work with so they could fill this need in the draft. But if they don’t I could see them signing the hybrid linebacker McMillIan from the Raiders. 

Jacksonville Jaguars 

Wide Receiver Will Fuller, Texans 

With the Jags likely drafting Trevor Lawrence; why not add even more firepower and sign Will Fuller. Fuller is a fast receiver who would be a great weapon for Lawrence. We could see this

offense go from bottom five in the league, to top 10 in the league just by one offseason. With over 50 million in available cap, the Jags could treat Fuller to a very nice contract. 

Miami Dolphins 

Wide Receiver Corey Davis, Titans 

Quarterback Tua Tugaliova may end up being the future in Miami, and if he is you’re going to want to surround him with talent. Corey Davis has broken out this season for the Titans. He’s been one of the most underrated players in the league, largely shadowed by his teammate A.J. Brown. If Davis doesn’t come back and sign with the Titans, the Dolphins should be knocking on the door. Davis is a fast player who can create separation, and would be a great asset for Tugaliova and this Miami offense. 

Minnesota Vikings 

Offensive Guard Joe Thuney, Patriots 

The Vikings could desperately use some interior o-line help. Quarterback Kirk Cousins does not do well with defenders in his face. Signing Joe Thuney would be a huge boost to this offense. The Vikings don’t have much to work with in cap space. But if they could figure out a deal with Thuney, it would be a great move by the Vikings. 

New England Patriots 

Wide Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, Steelers 

The Patriots offense was the worst it’s been in years this past season. Largely due to losing Tom Brady, but they also just had a lack of consistency. Newton is likely leaving; which means the Patriots will probably go after a quarterback in the first round. Bringing in JuJu Smith-Schuster from the Steelers would be a great way to welcome in a new quarterback. Being a rookie QB can be tough, and with a lack of playmakers on that patriots offense it would be even harder. Smith-Schuster could be a consistent weapon in this Patriots offense. With lots of cap space to work with, they could offer him some serious money. 

New Orlean Saints 

Cornerback Mike Hilton, Steelers 

With Brees retiring we could see them pursue a quarterback this offseason. Although if they don’t, I think corner would be the next best need to fill. Mike Hilton is a versatile cornerback from Pittsburgh who could be great in this defense. The Saints are already very good in run defense; adding some help in pass coverage would be a great move. Mike Hilton has been one of the most underrated corners in the league the past few years. Bringing him in would be a great move for this Saints team. 

New York Giants 

Quarterback Cam Newton, Patriots 

Cam Newton to the Giants? Why not, this year has been crazy enough anything can happen! Imagine that read option with Newton and Saquon Barkley; would be a scary sight for opposing defenses. Plus with Daniel Jones not looking to be the answer they are gonna need a new QB. They could try and attack one in the draft, but I see no reason not to sign Newton. They already have a great defense, and playmakers on offense. Cam could come in and lead this team to a division title. His play dropped off in the past year, but I think he’s better than any quarterback they could draft. 

New York Jets 

Offensive Tackle Taylor Moton, Panthers 

The Jets have lots of holes to fill on their roster. With lots of cap space look for them to be active in free agency. I think one place they attack is tackle. Mehki Becton has been a stud for them this season. Now go and get someone to put on the other side of him. If they don’t draft Sewell at pick two and end up taking a quarterback; Moton would be a perfect signing. Although if they decide to not sign a tackle, I could see them snatching a corner or receiver. 

Las Vegas Raiders 

Safety Justin Simmons, Broncos 

The Raiders defense this season was atrocious. Their offense was pretty good, but their defense was bottom five in the league. Safety Justin Simmons could be just what they need. Simmons is great in run support and pass coverage; he would be an instant difference maker for this team. Although it’s likely he signs back with the Broncos, their new GM may let him walk. If he does, the Raiders should do whatever they can to sign him. 

Philadelphia Eagles 

Wide Receiver Kenny Gollady, Lions 

It looks like the Eagles are done with Carson Wentz, and moving onto Jalen Hurts. I am personally a supporter of Hurts and think he can be a great quarterback. Although that’s gonna be hard for him with hardly any weapons. Signing someone like Kenny Gollady would be perfect for this Eagles team. Gollady is a consistent playmaker; he’s a guy that could be a constant weapon for Hurts. The Eagles have lots to work with in cap space, and lots of draft picks. Look for them to go out this offseason and fill that offsense with weapons; if they choose to stick with Hurts. 

San Francisco 49ers 

Quarterback Jameis Winston, Saints 

This pick may get some hate, but I think the 49ers should sign Jameis Winston. I think the 49ers will draft a QB in this year’s draft. They can then sign Winston as someone to help develop their rookie quarterback. Similar to what we saw this year in Miami with Fitzpatrick and Tua. Not only 

can he help develop their rookie QB, he’s also someone who could come in and win you a few games if needed. It may not be a popular pick but I think it would be a good move for the 49ers. 

Seattle Seahawks 

Cornerback Richard Sherman, 49ers 

Bring back Sherman for the end of his career? Why not! The Seahawks struggled this year in pass coverage, any signing would boost this defense. Although old, Sherman still has the tools to get the job done. Sherman’s reunion in Seattle I think would bring some hype around this defense, and they could hopefully transfer that hype to the field. The Seahawks could also look

secondary in the draft. Although picking later in the draft could make it harder to find an instant starter on their team. Sign Sherman to a cheap deal and let him end off his career in Seattle! 

Pittsburgh Steelers 

Running Back Aaron Jones, Packers 

The Steelers offense was the reason they couldn’t make a playoff run. They didn’t have much of a run game and they couldn’t do too much passing the ball. Signing Aaron Jones would be a great move. I don’t love signing big money running backs, but he would be a great addition to this offense. He’s great at the goaline and can make guys miss in space. If they can work out a reasonable deal with him I see no reason not to bring him in. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

EDGE Mathew Judon, Ravens 

Tampa has lots of guys hitting free agency this offseason. It’s gonna be hard to bring them all back. Especially Shaquill Barret, their top tier edge defender. If they can’t resign him I think Judon would be a great replacement. It’s looking like he won’t resign with the Ravens, and I think coming to the Bucs would be a great landing spot for him. 

Tennessee Titans 

EDGE Yannick Ngakoue 

The Titans lacked pass rush all season. Jeffery Simmons broke out as a star, but past him there’s nobody. Ngakoue could come in and help change that. He hasn’t been great this season, but nonetheless still has the tools to be great in the NFL. There’s a lot of edge defenders on the market this offseason. If they can’t bring in one of the top tier guys, I think Ngakoue from the Ravens would be a great option. 

Washington Football Team 

Wide Receiver Chris Godwin, Buccaneers 

Like I said earlier, the Bucs got a lot of guys who won’t re-sign. Godwin will be one of them, and I think the Football Team is a great spot for him. It’s questionable who will be their QB in 2021. Although they’re going to need some more weapons regardless. They could attack a QB in free agency, but if they don’t look for them to make a splash in the market and sign Chris Godwin. 

Well there are going to be lots of changes this offseason. With some top notch names becoming free agents, it will be interesting to see where they will land. I will be covering the new signings all offseason, so make sure to stay tuned for more.

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