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Is Offensive Line the Most Important Position in Football?

31-9, that was the final score of Super Bowl 55. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs were held to just nine points. They didn’t even score a touchdown, and if you watched the game you’d know why. The Chiefs offensive line did not come to play. Everyone on the Buccaneers front seven was getting into the backfield, and the Chiefs couldn’t do anything on offense because of that. Watching this happen made me think, is quarterback not the most important position in football? You have Patrick Mahomes, the most talented player in the NFL, and yet you didn’t manage to score a touchdown. Yes there were some drops from his receivers, and you have to give credit to Todd Bowles and defense. Nonetheless, the Chiefs couldn’t get anything going. 

A team with the best quarterback, the best tight end and the fastest player in the NFL couldn’t score a touchdown, and it was all because of their offensive line. They were missing starters up front and saw it hurt them throughout the game. You can have all the talent on the 

offense, but with no time to drop back, it’s nearly impossible to get anything going. So with that in mind, I decided to dig deeper on this topic. I took a look at the top ten offensive lines in the NFL compared to the bottom ten, and looked to see how these teams performed this season. 

Although there was one outlier, every team that had a top ten offensive line made the playoffs. The only outlier was the 49ers, and they would have been a top team without all the injuries. So what does this mean? Teams that are successful have an elite offensive line. Yes you need weapons around them, but it doesn’t matter who your quarterback is. You need five players that can win at the point of attack and give your quarterback time to throw. The Browns are a great example of this; whether you like Baker Mayfield or not, he’s not a top quarterback in the league. However, they were still able to make a playoff run because they had one of the top offensive lines in the NFL. They were able to dominate in the run game, and give Mayfield enough time to make throws inside the pocket. 

We see a clear pattern with the teams that made the playoffs this season: if you have a good offensive line you are going to win games. Although what about the bottom feeders of the league? The Texans, Jets, Broncos, Chargers, Bengals; yes the trend continues. Teams with bad offensive lines can’t win games, it’s that simple. Football is won in the trenches. For example, look at the Texans. They have Deshaun Watson, a top five quarterback in the league, but with a horrid offensive line he still can’t manage to win more than four games. 

So what does this all mean? You need to have a strong offensive line to have any success. If you’re the Dolphins picking at three, TAKE PENAI SEWELL! You win football games up front. When you combine playmakers at the skill positions and powerful offensive linemen, you will see success. Look at the Super Bowl, the Chiefs were banged up at o-line, and they couldn’t score a touchdown. 

That’s why offensive line is the most important position in football.

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