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How a Jamal Adams Trade Will Affect the NFL

Jamal Adams could finally be free. Adams, a First-Team All-Pro player, has requested a trade from the New York Jets and has given several landing spots to the organization. A trade for the best safety in the NFL would not be easy, but he is the kind of piece that would be a difference-maker for any postseason team.

Adams had a superb 2019 campaign with 75 total tackles, 10 TFL, 6.5 sacks, and 3 forced turnovers. He earned a spot in the Pro Bowl and First-Team All-Pro honors for his game-changing defensive impact. The team that will potentially receive Adams in trade will get an immediate upgrade in the secondary as well as the defense overall.

Adams has an impact on every play by causing havoc in the backfield, making a splash play downfield, or being a grinder and stopping a running back or receiver just in front of the first down marker. So far Adams’ impact has yet to make a real difference because of the team he has played for.

The Jets have young talent but coaching and the front office have mismanaged the organization since Adams’ arrival. A Jamal Adams trade has the potential to decide several NFL divisions this upcoming season.  

NFC East

The NFC East is a two-horse race between the Eagles and Cowboys. Both teams were on Adams preferred destinations list and both would benefit tremendously from his skill.

The Eagles are returning lots of offensive weapons and bringing in a few new ones, but a player like Adams would seal the deal on the division. Philly’s defense ranked as one of the best in the NFL against the run but in the bottom half against the pass. Adams would elevate their passing defense and also improve their pass rush. Wentz would have a captain on defense to help lead the team with him and take a little bit of the leadership burden that seems to follow Wentz off.

For the Cowboys, their biggest need is on defense. Adding one of the best defensive players in the NFL to a team with an explosive offense would give the Cowboys the edge in close games that they were not able to finish last year. In addition, Jerry Jones is always interested in adding more star power to the Cowboys and Adams would get his chance to shine even brighter with America’s team.

Adams shining with the Cowboys would elevate his brand from best safety in the league to possibly best defensive player in the league and highlight the versatile impact a safety can have in the future. A Jamal Adams trade to an NFC East team would make the difference in who wins the division between the Eagles and Cowboys. 

NFC West: 

The NFC West is special in that every team has a realistic shot to make the playoffs in 2020. However, the reigning NFC champion 49ers and Seahawks are on Adams preferred destinations list. The Niners should be very invested in trying to land Adams even though they already have an elite defense. The Super Bowl hangover can be real for the losing team so it is best if the Niners front office makes a move to help ensure a minimal if any drop off from last year’s defensive performances.

The Niners pass rush is feared by every offense in the league but adding Adams to fortify the secondary and elevate the run defense would make the Niners defense the undisputed best in the game. The NFC will be tougher this year than it was last with Brady and the Bucs emerging and a deeper NFC West with the Cardinals surging from the Hopkins trade. Improving a strength is never a bad thing in this league and adding Adams would give the Niners a great shot at another Super Bowl appearance.

Meanwhile, Pete Carroll always loves to make a big-time splash move in the offseason and this would fit the bill. The Seahawks secondary has taken a major dip in the Wilson era from the days of the Legion of Boom, but adding Adams would bring some pop back to the Seattle secondary.

Giving Russell Wilson help, even if it’s not on offense, will still greatly improve the Seahawks defense as the Jets defense ranked higher than the Seahawks in 2019. While the Niners adding Adams would solidify another NFC West title, the Seahawks could steal the division from the Niners if they were able to trade for Jamal Adams.  

AFC Favorite:

The entire AFC is down to two major Super Bowl contenders in 2020 with the Ravens and Chiefs both led by MVP Quarterbacks. The Chiefs possess the most potent offense in the NFL with the league’s best player in Patrick Mahomes and a surplus of weapons for him and Andy Reid to play with.

On the other hand, the Chiefs’ defense can be a mixed bag ranking in the middle of the pack. As it was shown this last season, they are good enough to contribute to a Super Bowl-winning campaign but it was usually despite them more than because of them. Jamal Adams would join Tyron Mathieu to form the best safety duo in the NFL and make up one of the elite back ends in football.

The addition of Adams would help make a potential weakness in containing a highly skilled runner like Lamar Jackson doable and give Mahomes enough defensive help to overcome the Ravens.

On the flip side, the Ravens defense would turn from elite to the best in the game much like the Niners with Adams’ impact. The Ravens also have a great safety in Earl Thomas but adding Adams would also give them the best secondary duo in the NFL.

The Ravens defense would be elite at all three levels but would it be enough to stop the Chiefs offense? While Adams joining the Chiefs would put them as the clear Super Bowl favorite, the Ravens with Adams in the back end could slightly edge out Mahomes for another Super Bowl appearance. 

The NFL landscape will be changed if Adams is dealt to a contender. Adams is so good that he can elevate a wild card team into a division champion and a playoff pretender into a legit Super Bowl contender. 

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