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Grading the Jamal Adams to the Seattle Seahawks trade

NFL fans across the country now know about the blockbuster trade made between the New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks for star safety Jamal Adams. In this trade, Seattle sent a 2021 and 2022 first round pick, as well as a 2021 third rounder and starting safety Bradley McDougald in exchange for the Jets’ Jamal Adams and a 2022 fourth round pick. 

Predicting the Seahawks starters on defense in 2020
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Many across sports media, including here on the Wrightway Sports Network, have argued that this trade confirms Seattle as a true Super Bowl contender for this upcoming season. Adding a star like Adams to an already respectable defense that includes LB Bobby Wagner, SS Quandre Diggs, and both Shaquill and Shaquem Griffin is sure to help the Seahawks stop high-powered offenses from scoring points and allow them to win more games. 

For the New York Jets, this allows their rebuild to run even smoother by holding multiple first round picks in the next two drafts. This will allow them to fill more holes on a team with a ton of them. Sure, they may not be first rounders that become top 5 picks, but in football more than other professional sports, any first round pick is a valuable one. Having these selections may even give them the ability to construct a future trade to help their team win now.

With that being said, I give Seattle a B- and the Jets an A for this trade. 

“Why such a high grade for a team that just lost their cornerstone player on the defense side?”, one may ask. My answer is simple. The Jets had no leverage here; their star safety had publicly voiced his wanting off of the team with one year remaining on his contract before he hits free agency.

In most cases, suitors would see Adams’ value and in turn, his asking price would depreciate as a result, but that never happened here. Despite all the public backlash, as well as the belief around the league that Jamal Adams was not willing to play for New York under any circumstance, they still managed to snag multiple first round picks and add a starting safety to immediately replace him on their defense. 

Seahawks Re-Sign Bradley McDougald
USA Today

It is important to note that Bradley McDougald will not fill the hole that Adams will leave in that position given his sheer talent, but he is indeed one of the more respectable starting safeties in the NFL. He is sure to be productive for a Jets’ secondary that is very lackluster to say the least. 

NFL GM on Jamal Adams Trade: I Wouldn't Give Up 2 1st-Round Picks ...
Associated Press

On the Seahawks side, this is a clear “win-now” move. Rather than keeping those first rounders to invest on both the questionable offensive and defensive lines in the long-term, they chose to add superstar talent in hopes of elevating their team to title contention. 

I do believe they achieved that here with a bit of risk involved. Long before this trade happened, I have argued both in previous articles and on the Wrightway Podcast that Seattle will win the NFC West over the San Francisco 49ers. This move further solidifies that.

By adding arguably the top safety in the NFL to a system that has been proven to be successful for safeties in the past (think of the “Legion of Boom” 2012-2014 teams with Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas), the Seahawks have brought themselves into both division-winning and Super Bowl contending positions. 

The reason why I graded it a B- rather than something higher is given the lack of draft capital for these next two years. Like I mentioned earlier, both the offensive and defensive lines need work and by ridding the team of high draft picks, Seattle will likely continue having mediocrity on those fronts for the foreseeable future.

History has shown us though that in the NFL, the teams that take risks and are willing to make blockbuster trades typically see success even if it is in the short-term: (i.e. the L.A. Rams of 2018 and Jacksonville Jaguars of 2017).

This move shakes up both the NFC West and the already uncertain AFC East even further, and it is destined to help make this season even more entertaining to watch. 

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