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Colts Snag Wentz

Carson Wentz is officially out of Philadelphia. The Colts are receiving Wentz, while the Eagles are getting their hands on a 2021 third round pick as well as a 2022 second round pick. However, that pick could turn into a first. Wentz struggled this past year, and with Jalen Hurts maybe looking like the guy for Philadelphia, it was no surprise that Wentz was done with the Eagles. For Indianapolis, with Philip Rivers retirement, they were in desperate need of a quarterback. With the Colts drafting at 21, they’re not in a great place to draft a quarterback. Is Wentz an upgrade from Rivers? Not necessarily, but he was probably their best option, and I think we could see him have more success with a better team and organization. 

The Colts have a top offensive line, and a great defense. If they can add another top weapon in the draft, this team could be very successful. 

Now on the Eagles side they are getting some more draft picks as they are probably looking to rebuild. I think with how much the Lions got for Matt Stafford we could have maybe seen them get a bit more for Wentz. Nonetheless, they got some good value for Wentz. 

So who won the trade? I think the Colts won the trade, because I believe they have a roster where Wentz can succeed. The Eagles needed Wentz gone regardless, and they got some draft capital which will help them out if they are looking to build around Hurts. With Stafford going to the Rams and now Wentz going to Indianapolis, we are starting to see the start of this highly anticipated offseason.

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