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Changing the Landscape of the NFL

Two weeks and one Browns win into the NFL season. There has been plenty of good (Fitzmagic) and bad (the Bills in general). However, today it’s time to look at the hypothetical and turn some teams around with some mock trades. I will present three trade ideas and give the ripple effect on both sides and the league as a whole.
TRADE 1: Le’Veon Bell to the 49ers.
Steelers Receive: 49ers 2019 2nd round pick and 2020 4th round pick
49ers Receive: Le’Veon Bell
At this point, if I’m the Steeler’s I’m looking for a taker of Bell right away. We’ve seen that James Connor can slide right in for Le’Veon and doesn’t bring the same shenanigans that Bell does. Find anything for value for this man.
It is time for this Steeler’s team to turn to the youth movement. Brown and Ben are starting to age while the Browns and Bengals knock on the door. As it stands currently, the Steelers are third in the division behind two younger, better teams. It is time to cut their losses and accelerate their rebuild. They can secure a top pick for the services of Antonio Brown and should explore this option as well. The defense has too many holes on the back end, and the coaching staff is beginning to lose a grip on the players. Bengals end up winning the division.
The 49ers, on the other hand, are on the rise. Spending most of their offseason on their offense, they prepared for the playoffs. Jimmy G, Jerick McKinnon, McGlinchey, and Weston Richburg joined together for a potential top-five offense. However, then McKinnon went down for the year. With money in their cap, the solution must be Bell. A change of scenery for Bell would fare well for all parties involved. Jimmy G and Bell would open the field for one another and allow the 49ers offense to begin moving behind the offensive line by pounding the ball. Lynch make it happen.
TRADE 2: Packers seek new QB
Eagles Receive: 2019 1st Round Pick (Packers)
Packers Receive: QB Nick Foles and 2019 6th Round Pick
Honestly, Aaron Rodgers is superhuman. We all saw that against the Bears blah blah blah. There is only so much that man can take. After missing most of last season, he is already hurt this season as well. Trusting a man with an injury history and a possible ACL tear could be the worst decision for a Packers team looking to complete. Of course, they could make the same mistake as last year and not prepare for this and miss the playoffs. Sure trust DeShone Kizer. Alternatively, they can trade for the Superbowl MVP.
Before you jump on the anti-Foles train, look at the receivers he’s been working with this year. He was the missing the top two receivers this past week and working 3rd-5th string guys. He still almost found a way to bring the Eagles back. He can make throws and lead a team when they need him. They already have a tight end in Jimmy Graham that Foles could get used to (we’ve seen Foles tendency to throw to Ertz).
Moreover, the Eagles just don’t need him anymore. The lord and savior Carson Wentz has returned. If they end up needing another game of backup quarterback play, this is the part of the schedule to play Nate Sudfeld with the Colts and Titans up next. It is time to cash in the insurance policy for picks. The Eagles are in need of high picks this year to keep young rookie contracts on the offensive and defensive lines (or to replenish the wide receiver core that has been gutted by injury).
TRADE 3: Browns complete the puzzle
Browns Receive: TE Cameron Brate
Bucs Receive: OG Earl Watford
This one must be a shocker. Honestly, this is a win-win situation for both teams. The Buccaneers need protection for Fitzmagic, and that starts with upgrading their guards/tackles.
Earl is an underrated player that can block and move to the second level to open lanes. He has been in the league for a while and is ready to take the next step forward. He has no better place to do so than the depleted o-line in Tampa which is currently averaging a little over 3.5 yards per carry. If they can fix the running game, Fitz will have even more freedom to pick off defenses and do what he does. Meanwhile, the Browns would be receiving tight end Cameron Brate. He’d be another receiving option for the Brown’s offense that will be looking for players to step up with the departure of Josh Gordon. Luckily Brate isn’t necessary anymore with the emergence of O.J. Howard.
Browns management will finally make a move to win now through trades like this as the division opens up. With the Steelers starting to fall apart and the injuries for the Bengals, the division is available for the Browns. Can they capitalize? With Brate, Njoku, Mayfield, and Garrett, they are on the road to doing so.

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