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Cam Newton’s Impact on the Patriots

On Sunday, former NFL MVP Cam Newton found a new home on the New England Patriots. Newton, who has dealt with injuries and setbacks over the past several years, will finally be moving on from the Panthers after nine seasons to replace future HOFer Tom Brady.

With injury concerns and scheme issues from other teams, the Patriots were able to sign Newton to a bare minimum contract of $650k base salary with incentives totaling up to $7.5 million.

Despite extremely different playstyles between Newton and Brady, Newton should be able to seamlessly fit into McDaniels’ offensive system. By drawing out coverage as a potential run-threat, McDaniels will continue to run screen-plays and have Edelman and the Patriots running backs spread out the defense in the flats.

Additionally, with Sanu and Harry being utilized on deeper plays and red-zone attempts, someone will always be open. With the Patriots running back crew consisting of White, Michel, and Burkhead, the Patriots 2020 offense is going to be as explosive as it’s ever been.

Although Brady was known for being a smart and meticulous player — especially in the playoffs — Newton remains one of the most athletic and strong quarterbacks in the League. This gives the Patriots a lot more possibilities of what they could do on offense.

With stronger arm strength than 42 year-old Brady, we may see Newton air the ball out more and take more deep shots to his receivers. Also, because of Cam’s versatility, we may see the Patriots run more option-plays this year.

While the Patriots don’t currently have any ‘star’ receivers, Cam’s presence alone should allow open attempts and make it a nightmare for defenses in the red-zone. Because of this, we should see much more production from Sanu and Harry this year.

Although most assumed that Jarrett Stidham would be the Patriots’ starting QB in 2020, the signing of Cam Newton can only be good for the team. With more time behind a veteran quarterback, Stidham will not have to rush into the League and will have time to develop.

Even if Cam flops (which I don’t think is likely), the Patriots still have two competent QBs in Stidham and Hoyer to replace him. Additionally, with the cheap contract that Cam is on, the Patriots would lose virtually nothing in the process.

As Newton is signed on an incentive-based prove-yourself deal, he has a lot of potential to break out in this new Patriots system. Because of this, it is very possible to see him winning CPOY in 2020. Also, with an automatic boost to the Patriots offense, it is likely that the Pats will return to the top of the AFC East.

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