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Notable NFL Free Agents Still Available

With the hype of the NFL draft finally starting to settle down, it is key for teams to look into free agency to fix holes that they did not patch up in the draft. The buzz about free-agency has also died down, but I suspect that these names will be making big moves soon. 

Jadeveon Clowney 

Jadeveon Clowney has left a lot of people wondering why he is still sitting in the free-agency market. The former first-overall pick was traded to Seattle near the start of last season after holding out over being franchise-tagged by the Houston Texans. With the Seahawks, Clowney recorded only 3 sacks and 31 tackles. This was a very disappointing performance for the former Pro-Bowler.

Clowney is physically gifted and lacks the technical skill to perform at an elite level in the NFL. His lack of development over his career suggests that he lacks the motivation to better himself as a player to be more successful. 

Clowney’s poor performance isn’t stopping some teams from pursuing him, but the contract he is asking for is. Clowney has reportedly asked for a contract in the $20 million rage and most teams are not willing to spend that on an above-average pass-rusher. 

 If Clowney wants to be on a NFL roster next year, he must drop his demands down to the $13 million range or accept a one year prove-it deal. 

Cam Newton

It was a shock to the football world when former MVP Cam Newton was cut from the Panthers. Newton was the face of the franchise for many years, but the front office had decided to move on from Cam and invest in Teddy Bridgewater as a filler until they draft a QB.

Newton only suited up for two games in the 2019 season where he threw for 572 yards and an interception. He was off the field for the rest of the year with an ankle injury.

The Quarterback’s health is keeping many teams wary of signing Newton to a contract. In December of 2019, Newton had surgery performed on his injured foot. Newton has not been given a chance to show teams that he is still serviceable after the surgery. 

The best course of action for Newton is to sit out until the regular season and wait for a starter to be injured and then sign a one year deal with that team. I do not hope for any player’s injury, but it is inevitable. Newton has to capitalize on the time he is given to show that he is still an above-average quarterback to set himself up for a longer deal the next season. 

Everson Griffen

Everson Griffen is a proven veteran that can be a team’s affordable solution to their defensive-line. The four-time Pro-Bowler was responsible for 11.5 sacks and 34 tackles in 2019. Griffen is a solid defensive starter and will be a great addition to any team. His biggest weakness is his age, which has caused him to slow down some and not be as productive compared to his younger years.

The best place for Griffen to land would be in Seattle. If Clowney chooses to move on from the Seahawks, Griffen is the perfect player to fill that void. 

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