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2019 NFL Draft QB Preview

With the NFL Playoffs in full swing and the college football season over, it is time to look at potential top QB picks in the 2019 draft. Headlining the discussions are quarterbacks Kyler Murray, Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, and Dwayne Haskins. Each of these quarterbacks have the potential to be special in the NFL, but some more than others. Here are The Wrightway Network’s take on who will go where in the draft and what each QB’s potential is in the NFL.

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Kyler Murray

Murray is an exciting quarterback for a few reasons. The first reason is he just about stole the Heisman Trophy away from Tua Tagovailoa who lost it in the conference championship. The second reason is we don’t even know if football is the sport Murray wants to play as he was a top 10 draft pick in the MLB draft. The third is although he is only 5’ 11’, he is extremely good at scrambling and using his feet to get enough space to throw the deep ball. If he chooses to enter the NFL, he will have to be drafted in the first round or very early second round to get his attention to how much money he is going to make in the NFL compared to MLB. I think it would be smarter for Murray to forget about football and focus on baseball for long term health reasons as well as financial reasons. If he does decide to declare for the NFL draft, he will lose his signing bonus with the Oakland Athletics which is just over 4 million dollars. Overall, if he joins the draft, I expect him to be the fourth quarterback drafted behind Daniel Jones.

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Drew Lock

At 6’4’’, 220-pounds, Drew Lock more than fits the typical body frame for an NFL quarterback. His size along with great poise is more than enough to give Lock a high chance of being a first-round pick. Lock finished the 2018 season with a 62.9% completion percentage with a 28/8 touchdown to interception ratio. He was the leader for senior quarterbacks in the SEC this season and is looking like a top 4 quarterback in the draft. Lock has a fantastic arm, is incredibly athletic with experience from playing in the SEC. I look for him to be drafted second behind Dwayne Haskins

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Daniel Jones

Typically Duke is not known for their football team, and the athletes they produce are usually not first-round caliber athletes for the NFL Draft.  Daniel Jones, however, is one Duke quarterback who I believe is going to be a perfect fit for the NFL. He finished his last season as a blue devil with 59.9% completion percentage, 8,201 passing yards and a touchdown to interception ratio of 52/29. Jones is a 6’ 5’’ 220-pound quarterback capable of standing in the pocket in the NFL and delivering the ball deep down the field. He has potential in everything an NFL starter should be. When he gets drafted, I expect for him to sit his first season and maybe start his second. When all things are set and done, Daniel Jones will be a solid NFL quarterback. I expect him to go as the 3rd drafted quarterback overall behind Drew Lock.

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Dwayne Haskins

Dwayne Haskins is the most talented quarterback in the draft as a 6’ 3’’ 218-pound sophomore who led a talented Ohio State team to a Rose Bowl victory over Washington. He is the best quarterback when it comes to escaping pressure to deliver a throw with pinpoint accuracy. Someone Haskins could be compared to is Russell Wilson who can avoid the pass rush and deliver a throw with down the field on the numbers. Haskins is a pro-style quarterback with a 70% completion percentage who threw for 4831 yards with a great touchdown to interception ratio of 50/8. I expect him to be the first quarterback drafted in the first round who will drop no more than six spots. Possible teams who would be a perfect fit for him would be the Jacksonville Jaguars who desperately need a quarterback after the debacle that was the 2018 season and the New York Giants who need to start thinking about replacing the aging Eli Manning.

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