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Walker Little (OT Stanford) Draft Profile

Pros: Walker Little is one of the most experienced tackles in this class, as he’s been starting since his freshman season. Little’s lateral athleticism and fluidity is NFL level, along with his ability to contain edge rushers coming down the outside. Little is armed with good arm-technique and well-timed punches. He has the athleticism to be a pull-tackle and block into open space. Little has some dominant NFL level reps and has the upside to be a good NFL tackle. 

Cons: Little’s biggest warning sign is his lack of bend along the edge and the issues that he causes against more athletic pass rushers. This issue shows especially against pass rushers who use an inside move, which Little does very little to stop, essentially giving pass rushers a free lane to the quarterback, allowing six sacks in the four games of film I watched. Along with these issues Little doesn’t engage in blocks with enough power and strength to deter blockers or take defensive backs out of plays. Little’s flaws show in both the pass and run game, meaning teams should be wary of using a high selection on him. 


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