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Tanner Morgan Draft Profile

Pros: A very smart quarterback, Morgan shined as a Sophomore on P.J. Fleck’s team, earning second team all Big-Ten honors. Morgan showed great proficiency with RPO’s, as well as the ability to anticipate defenses. Morgan moves well within the pocket buying himself time, with an offensive line that was average at best. Morgan is far from a perfect quarterback, but a lot of his technique issues can be fixed, making me believe he has the ability to develop into a quality quarterback. 

Cons: Morgan doesn’t have a very strong arm, therefore I don’t expect him to have a great deep ball at the next level. He also has a bad tendency to throw off of his back foot when under pressure hindering the velocity of some passes. His biggest issue was a reliance on Tyler Johnson, who has since been drafted into the NFL. Morgan seemed to try to force feed Johnson at times, even when there were easier throws. 

Pro Comp: Mitchell Trubisky

-Shaun Chornobroff

Games Watched (Purdue 2019, Auburn 2019)

Strengths: Morgan has one of the most essential traits a quarterback needs to succeed, pocket mobility. His ability to feel pressure and move within the pocket to make a throw was often evident as he dealt with an average, at best, offensive line.He displayed excellent timing and pinpoint accuracy on his throws during RPO plays, which were a staple of Minnesota’s offense.

Weaknesses: Morgan’s biggest weakness is easily his deep passing. The few times where he would throw the ball 25+ yards it would lack velocity and look like a fluttering duck, for lack of a better term. While dealing with pressure through the A gap, he has a major tendency to throw off his back foot which immediately decreases the precision of his passes. Morgan was often heavily reliant on his first read so I need to see his ability to expand his processing skills.

-Daniel Alameda


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