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Where Will LeBron Land?

In his 15th NBA season, Lebron James is managing to average numbers similar to his South Beach days, but that is just one of the few mesmerizing things about this season, nevertheless his career. The league’s best player and arguably the best all-around basketball player of all time is showing no signs of slowing down. James is averaging his 3rd highest career 3-point percentage at .371 and his 4th highest career field goal percentage at .543. At 33 years of age, LeBron James is playing some of his best basketball but is once again faced with the looming question: “Where will he go next”.

From billboards to players social media posts, EVERYBODY is doing whatever they can to try and recruit the king. With a narrow list of 4 teams, this decision might be the biggest move of his career. Some are speculating that he will team up will Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram helping to develop their young LA Laker team or possibly unite with the seemingly unstoppable firepower of James Harden and Chris Paul in Houston. Ben Simmons wants LeBron in a 76ers jersey which would be the second to final step of the process while others feel he will just stay in Cleveland. All four options are extremely enticing but will also come with their fair share of baggage, some more than others.

Only one team will seal the deal at the end of the day and while many are pondering, the team best fit for LeBron and his mindset for the rest of his career would be to go to Philadelphia to unite with and develop future superstars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. Simmons has the size of LeBron with the passing of an elite point guard. And what is there not to love about this move if your LeBron James? Philadelphia has the talent and is quickly developing young superstars to give LeBron a better team than he has in Cleveland.

LA sounds good but let’s face it, they do not have nearly as much talent as this 76ers roster has. While Ingram is emerging and Lonzo is starting to ease in to the game now that some of the hype has died of, the Lakers just don’t have the talent needed to be serious championship contenders.

Houston has the best overall roster on this list with the blazing duo of Harden and Paul but both have big contracts, so its unlikely they’d sign LeBron unless he took a pay cut or made serious roster cuts which would hurt their bench.

While some think he is staying in Cleveland, it just doesn’t seem right at this point for him to continue to be a part of that organization that he seemingly runs. He plays for a head coach whose ankles are still left on the court from when Iverson crossed him up in the ’01 Finals and has never really been a good coach. His GM makes confusing trades, and his teammates are overhyped players whose numbers diminish as soon as they became a part of the team.

Philadelphia has the most to offer for LeBron to win another championship or two and finish out his illustrious career on top.

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