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Too Much Heat

The good news is Philadelphia and its beloved fans knew deep down that their 76ers were not going to win out the rest of the season. The bad news is the young guys, along with the seasoned vets went back to careless basketball and illivised shots. When you trail by fourteen at the half  while producing 13 points a quarter, it is very difficult to win a basketball game. Not only couldn’t Philadelphia score in the second quarter, they had no answers for Kelly Olynyk, Wayne Ellington, Josh Richardson, and a guy by the name of Dwyane Wade.


The atrocious second quarter play by the Sixers lead to a learning moment for the whole team including coach, Brett Brown. There was no reason whatsoever for Robert Covington to come back onto the floor once the Sixers cut into the 16 point deficit. Robert Covington is strictly a ‘Three and D’ role player. He is not a starter in the NBA, and he shouldn’t even be considered as a closer. He shot (1-8) from 3-point land last night and had a plus and minus of -12; worse on the team. Coach Brown needs to get him off the court in clutch situations and start utilizing Markelle Fultz more often. The number one overall pick is an explosive player who needs more touches and could have sparked the Sixers sooner which would have made a huge difference.


A lot of negatives can be seen from this game; however, Dario Saric, Ersan Ilyasova and Ben Simmons along with a few others, gave hope to the Sixers going against a ruthless defense. Young guys came up big while veterans kept the engine going. Sixers also did all of this without their best player Joel Embiid. Once Embiid returns from his orbital fracture, these Sixers will be even more explosive.


The fact of the matter is, this is a very young team that can rebound, defend, and play the best transition basketball in the league. Once their best player returns, there is no ceiling for this team. This loss was a great learning moment, these guys needed to learn how to bounce back after a devastating loss, and they will rebound in Game three at Miami. Trust the Process.


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