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2020 NBA

RJ Hampton Draft Profile

RJ Hampton – G – NZ Breakers


  • Extremely fast with a quick burst step and can turn on the turbo boost when attacking the basket. This makes finishing around the rim super easy for him.
  • Great finisher around the basket. He possesses good touch, and is extremely crafty in traffic. Putting on more weight will help him finish through contact more easily.
  • Solid shooting mechanics on three point attempts. His footwork is very inconsistent, but he’s got a good follow-through and there doesn’t appear to be any kind of hitch in his shot.
  • Possesses terrific length and athleticism that will help him tremendously on the defensive side of the ball.
  • Showed flashes of being a good playmaker and passer out of the pick-and-roll, but needs to learn to limit his turnovers and bad passes.


  • Shot just 68% from the foul line and 30% from distance. Again, his mechanics are fine but the shot simply doesn’t go in at a consistent rate yet.
  • Not a fundamentally sound defender yet. The athletic tools are there, but he gambles a ton, and it still feels like he’s learning his body.
  • Has moments of great vision, but also has several moments where you just shake your head. His decision making and occasional tunnel vision need to improve.
  • Doesn’t have one great basketball skill at the moment.

Prospect Overview

By selecting RJ Hampton in the 2020 NBA Draft, you are putting a lot of faith in your development staff and Hampton’s work ethic. He’s an extremely gifted athlete with tremendous length and quickness for a combo-guard, but lacks in a lot of basketball areas. His shooting is extremely inconsistent and his FT% doesn’t show indications that he’ll ever become more than an average shooter. He should be a good defender in theory but lacks the fundamentals and discipline. Even his finishing ability is compromised when you consider that he struggles mightily through contact. There’s a lot of raw upside with Hampton if everything pans out right but I only see him having great upside if a smart, patient team bets on their development staff to help him pan out into a reliable NBA player.

Player Comparison: Delon Wright

  • Thomas Stapleton

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