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Kyrie Irving Pledges $1.5 Million to Cover WNBA Salaries

Kyrie Irving is one of the most well-known and outspoken activists in the NBA today. He uses his platform to speak out on things like the tragic and unjust loss of heroes like Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery. He was out on the streets protesting with other pro athletes and pushing the Black Lives Matter movement. 

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I am calling on all my People of Color,Leaders of Change, and all those that are aware of what is happening, what has happened, and are ready for solutions. ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏿✊🏿They Can’t stop us when we are together and truly understand our Power as a collective. Our Native Indigenous Black Spirits, Our Native Indigenous Black Minds, Our Native Indigenous Black Bodies deserve to be treated with more Respect, Understanding, and Love. Know that Our bloodlines come from Royalty! We are the True Royalty, We are the Original King and Queens of this Spiritual and Physical world! They hide all of our History for a reason. We were captured and enslaved against our will for the benefit of their Oppressive and Racist system that has been in place and still is in place presently. They took/take damn there everything we have created Culturally, call it their own, and then turn it into something it was never meant to be or Mean. I am sick of this idea of letting things balance out and talk it out bullshit, and as a Native Of the Many Indigenous Lands of our world this is part of my Purpose of being here. It is to help change this whole Global agenda that has killed my family members and plagued my community for far to fucking long. Our parents and their parents parents have fought every year of their lives to keep the TRUTH about this world alive. The agenda, FREE OUR PEOPLE, because we know all this talking and protesting will get us maybe a few law changes and conversations, but at this point it’s bigger than that. It’s time we take all our Native Indigenous Black culture, business, ideas to a new place as a collective and protect it just like other cultures have done. Build our own! It’s clear White Supremacy and Corporations use us Native Indigenous Black Folk when it is beneficial for their agenda and pockets, so be aware of the truth in plain sight Family. How are we gonna break these generational curses that have been put on us purposefully to kill us and our families off? Taking our Land and Culture Back! Our Ancestors are watching and protecting us now more than ever! This is for Our Future Kids kids. We are the generation that will change this!

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But recently he has reached out to help out the WNBA players who are inspiring people all around the globe. 

COVID-19 took the world and sports by storm. Many people worried about losing their jobs and if they could provide for their families. However, the Nets Point Guard has reached out to financially support WNBA players affected by the pandemic. On July 27, 2020, Kyrie pledged $1.5 million to any WNBA players who decided to sit out the season. 

This generous donation goes to show what Kyrie Irving is all about. He played with Lebron for half a decade and he is an embodiment of James’ “More Than An Athlete” trademark. Kyrie is an incredible leader and role model off the court and it’s actions like this that make it undisputable. 

Brooklyn is going to have a contending roster next season after struggling to make it to Orlando. Kevin Durant will debut, and the same solid young core will be back. Kyrie will have to perform at his highest level… but regardless of his impact on the court, his off the court impact can never be measured by any statistic or score.

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