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2020 NBA

Kira Lewis Jr Draft Profile

Kira Lewis Jr – Point Guard – Alabama


  • Has amazing speed. He is easily the fastest player in this draft class.
  • He’s very good at getting to the hoop thanks to his speed making it so hard to stop him in space. Has nice instincts, touch, and creativity around the basket, and he’s very aggressive when going to the hoop.
  • His speed makes him a threat in transition at all times. He dominated in transition at Alabama.
  • Not an elite ball handler, but certainly a good one. He has a solid arsenal of moves and changes pace really well at times.
  • Does a nice job at creating his own shot. His combination of handles, speed, and body control gets him good looks from anywhere on the court. 
  • Solid three point shooter. He cashed in 37% of his attempts last season on 4.9 attempts. His 80% from the free throw line on 4.2 attempts per game, along with his nice touch around the basket suggests long term success.
  • Not an elite playmaker, but it’s definitely an asset of his. Does a great job of collapsing defenses in the paint and finding open teammates. Also is a nice passer in the pick and roll.
  • Speaking of the pick and roll, he has shown great flashes of promises in the pick and roll during his time at Alabama. He made some really nice passes and decisions out of the pick and roll, but he still has room to grow here.
  • Moves well off the ball. Makes himself visible for teammates and gets himself open looks.
  • Good on-ball defender. He has the lateral quickness and footwork to stray step for step with anyone. Doesn’t gamble often, but still gets steals as his quickness allows him to bait defenders into turnovers and jump into passing lanes.
  • One of the biggest knocks on his game is his strength/weight. He has reportedly put on 15 pounds since college.


  • Must get stronger and equip a more solid frame to patch up some weaknesses and fulfill his potential. However, as I said earlier, he’s reportedly gained 15 pounds since college. Gaining strength/weight is very easy to do, especially in an NBA system.
  • Lack of strength leads to him to shy away from contact around the rim and commits turnovers when driving to the hoop.
  • Lack of strength also severely limits his defensive versatility. He struggles against stronger, bigger players.
  • Plays too reckless at times, leading to turnovers and tough shots. Slowing down his pace just a little more consistently will make him a more efficient scorer and better playmaker.
  • Could definitely use improvement shooting off the dribble from three.
  • Lacks explosiveness. Some of this may also have to do with lower body strength, but it limits his upside as a finisher at the hoop. 

Player Overview

Kira Lewis Jr is one of my favorite prospects in this year’s draft, and I believe he’s one of the best prospects in this class. He’s still fairly young, yet he’s already got a game that includes many positives and few negatives. Some guys like this don’t have very high ceilings, but he does. For the reasons I’ve already mentioned, the strength thing isn’t a big issue for me. Once he gets stronger, which he reportedly already has, that should patch up almost every weakness in Lewis’s game. My biggest knock on him is definitely his lack of explosiveness. Hopefully more lower body strength should help out, but many fast guards like him, such as De’Aaron Fox, John Wall, and Russell Westbrook. Those guys have a lot of vertical pop. With Lewis, he doesn’t, and I feel like that is a big component for these fast guards that play a little reckless. With that being said, I see Lewis panning out to be a very solid pro in the NBA with a serious shot at becoming an all star one day. 

Player Comparison: Darius Garland

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