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2020 NBA

Killian Tille Draft Profile

Killian Tillie – F/C – Gonzaga


  • Lights out three point shooter. He’s excellent in the pick-and-pop, and you can run him off of screens.
  • Really solid passer for a big man who can make smart reads from the top of the key while finding shooters when he’s back to the basket.
  • Soft touch around the basket and can finish with both hands.
  • Very efficient player who takes smart shots and can make them from both outside the arch and inside the paint.
  • Extremely high IQ who’s very portable and can fit in seamlessly with any team.
  • Good defender who plays hard despite lack of athleticism and defensive mobility.


  • Long list of injury history is the only major concern. Tillie would likely be a lottery pick based on skill alone, but his injuries hold him back.
  • Average rebounder for his size mainly due to the fact that he’s always on the perimeter.
  • Poor rim protector who lacks length and athleticism to be effective.

Prospect Overview

If you choose to throw Tillie’s injury history out of the window, you can talk yourself into having him top 20. He’s a skilled big man with a rare combination of shooting ability, inside finishing, and passing vision. His game is tailor-made for the NBA as an in-and-out threat who’s extremely intelligent as a defender. The problem is that you really can’t overlook the injury factor. He’s had a knee surgery, a torn ligament in his foot, fracture in his ankle, etc. You name an injury, Tillie’s had it. And for that reason alone, you won’t see him being too highly ranked on most big boards. However, if he can simply stay healthy for a majority of his career, there is no doubt that he’ll be a long term contributor for any NBA team.

Player Comparison: Nemanja Bjelica

  • Thomas Stapleton

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