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2020 NBA

Josh Green Draft Profile

Josh Green – Shooting Guard/Small Forward – Arizona


  • Awesome perimeter defender. He has great size, strength, length, and lateral quickness. He can guard 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s. He gets steals defensively without having to gamble very hard.
  • Really good transition player. He runs the floor hard and finds open space in transition to get easy buckets. He’s a good, aggressive finisher in transition and a solid spot up shooter.
  • Great potential as a three point shooter. He’s shown great potential and growth as a catch and shoot guy. I like his form a lot, although it’s still a bit inconsistent. His 78% from the freethrow line on 3.6 attempts per game is encouraging. 
  • Great cutter and overall movement off the ball.


  • He’s got a lot of potential as a shooter, but I still have my concerns. He attempted just 2.9 threes per game in college, his form is still inconsistent. His numbers as a shot creator, movement shooter, and contested shot maker all concern me.
  • Poor finisher. He has shown flashes, especially in transition, but he is still very raw here.
  • Loose ball handler. This also contributes to his raw game attacking the basket, and it limits his upside as well.
  • Can move the ball in the flow of an offense, but is nothing more than that as a playmaker. He’s a smart decision maker, but he’s a lackluster ball handler and slasher, which severely limits his upside here.
  • Great on ball defender, but his off ball defense could improve. It’s not terrible, but he misses rotations at times and finds himself out of position a little too often. 
  • Underwent surgery in 2019 on a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

Player Overview

Josh Green is a lockdown defender and transition threat with some serious 3&D potential. His three point shot will definitely determine his success in the NBA, but I’m optimistic about it. His shoulder surgery is the main worrisome thing about his shot, but as long as he can overcome that, he’ll be fine. Whichever team that drafts Green will have to be a little patient with him as he works on getting a more consistent jumper and a better movement shooter. Although he has a few weaknesses, many of them won’t matter too much in his projected 3&D role, such as playmaking, slashing, and ball handling. All in all, I definitely wouldn’t say I’m as high on Green as I was the first time I watched him, but I still do have high hopes for him as a nice 3&D piece with some transition prowess in the NBA.

Player Comparison: Mickael Pietrus

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