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Jeff Reni’s NBA Player of the Week: Kemba Walker

Everyone knows that basketball is a team game. At the end of the day, whoever has the best team will end up winning the championship. But unlike other team sports, In Basketball one guy can lead their team to victories. This is the case for the Charlotte’ Hornets star Kemba Walker. Let’s be very clear, this team should not be 9-9 right now. Talent wise the team lives the team has really only three descent pieces (cody zeller, Malik Monk, and Tony Parker). This lack of depth forces charlotte to rely on their all-star Kemba to essentially carry the majority of the offensive burdens. This means playmaking for himself and his fellow teammates. And this week, we got a glimpse of his abilities on full display.

On Saturday, Kemba scored 60 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals and still ended up losing to the more talented 76ers team in overtime. Kemba however continued to his incredible play by scoring 43 points against the Boston Celtics. In this game he was able to receive some support from Jeremy lamb (18 points) and Wily Hernangomez  (14 points).He then continued this stretch again against the Indiana Pacers where he scored 16 points and dished out 11 assists to his teammates.

The fact of the matter is that this team lives and dies off Kemba’s ability. Not only is Kemba doing everything in his power to help his team win, but he is also showing the rest of the league that despite his size, he is one of the best guards in the entire league. Kemba will not be able to take this team to the NBA playoffs due to the lack of talent. Most players would either give up, or simply wait until free agency before giving in maximum effort. Kemba on the other hand is going to everything in his power to keep the hornet competitive in every game. And due to that effort, and his amazing performances against 3 great teams, it is only right that this week’s TWN Player of the week goes to Kemba Walker.


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