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2020 NBA

Isaiah Joe Draft Profile

Isaiah Joe – Shooting Guard – Arkansas


  • Great three point shooter, he has a high release point, quick trigger, and confidence. He can shoot on and off the ball.
  • Cuts hard and relocates well off the ball. This will get him more open looks in the NBA.
  • Great off-ball/team defender. He has a very high defensive IQ, stays engaged, rotates well, and makes plays on defense. His wingspan is unknown, but it’s obviously a plus wingspan just by looking at it.
  • Needs more weight to become a more consistent on-ball defender, but clearly has the lateral quickness, toughness, and fundamentals.
  • Doesn’t attack the rim very often, but clearly has a nice touch around the basket.


  • Poor shot selection. Part of it was due to his big offensive role, but he attempted a lot of ill advised shots at Arkansaw. Should get better in an NBA system.
  • Three point percentage dipped from 41% to 34% from freshman to sophomore year. He was inconsistent,  butI’m not to concerned though because he shot 89% from the freethrow line on 3.5 attempts per game. He has a great form, and took 10.6 threes per game last season with his poor shot selection. In the NBA, he’ll take less, but more efficient threes.
  • Bad shooter coming off screens.
  • He needs to gain weight. More weight will help him become a more consistent, versatile on-ball defender, and it may also give him more confidence to drive to the hoop and utilize his soft touch around the basket.
  • Only averaged 1.7 assists per game despite a very high usage rate. Typically has tunnel vision on the perimeter. However, I believe Joe has some playmaking potential when driving to the hoop, he just doesn’t go to the hoop often enough to untap this.
  • Underwent arthroscopic debridement surgery which ended his sophomore season early. He hasn’t played a game since.

Player Overview

Isaiah Joe is a good sized shooting guard with the tools to make an impact as a 3&D wing in the NBA almost immediately. Joe is a little streaky from downtown, but he is still one of the best shooters in the draft, and he’s already flexed NBA range and confidence back at Arkansas. His size and defensive intangibles make up a plus defender on and off the ball, making him a fairly promising 3&D guy. With that being said, Joe will need to show he can be the same player despite undergoing arthroscopic debridement surgery last season. He must continue to work on adding muscle and improving his shooting off screens if he wants to fulfill his potential in a 3&D role.

Player Comparison: Jordan Poole

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