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Bradley Beal: The Most Miserable Man In The NBA

Bradley Beal has had a rough week to say the least. The Wizards have lost three straight games, and his “sidekick” Russell Westbrook is averaging a disappointing 18.1 points per game. 

In the post-game interview following Wednesday night’s blowout loss, he was asked if he was frustrated.

His response: “Is the sky blue?”

There is no doubt that Bradley Beal is doing everything he can to help Washington win games, but the results have not been pretty. This blowout loss put them at 3-11 on the season: the league-worst record. 

With Westbrook out (rest), Beal hit 17 of his 37 shot attempts including six made threes, while also adding six assists and four steals. Nevertheless, it seems like even if he scores 60 points a game, the Wizards will continue to lose games. Despite such an amazing game, Beal seemed to be far from happy on the bench near the end of the game

Beal actually leads the NBA in scoring with a ridiculous 35.4 points per game. This may eventually lead to a scoring title for him, but he also holds another record that is rather formidable. He has lost ten straight games in which he has scored 40 points or more, which is the most in NBA history. This is probably not what he envisioned when he signed a two year, $72 million max extension in 2019. 

That leads many of us to wonder, will he request a trade from the Wizards?

In my personal opinion, it seems very likely. He has expressed his love for the city and for the team, but it’s obvious that the wizards should at least consider going into a full rebuild. To do so, they would have to trade Bradley Beal. But it’s important to assess all options before making such a decision. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into what the Wizards could do regarding Bradley Beal. Even though they have been very short handed as of late, there’s no evidence to support the claim that the Wizards in their current condition, can make the playoffs. It’s just not gonna happen. They have to make some kind of move and their options are as follows:

Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports
  1. They can try to acquire another star to help Beal: They may have to give up Westbrook and some draft picks to make this happen, but if they can acquire someone like Malcolm Brogdon along with a solid rim protector, they could improve their defense drastically.
  2. They can trade Beal and hit the reset button: This option doesn’t sound as good to most Washington fans, but it’s definitely the more realistic option. The Wizards can trade Beal for some young, developing players and some draft picks in order to enter a rebuild mode and get set for the long term future. 

Other than these options they are stuck in basketball limbo. There are a lot of rumors circulating about a potential Beal trade, and I hope, for his sake, that they make it happen. But personally, I don’t feel bad for Beal, he signed the max contract extension for Washington knowing that they were not in a position to win, and if the 27-year-old guard wants to compete for a championship this season, it will likely have to be elsewhere. 

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