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2020 NBA

Tyrese Haliburton Draft Profile

Tyrese Haliburton – G – Iowa State


  • Tremendous passer and playmaker; makes elite reads and is not afraid to be flashy out of the PNR
  • Great efficiency from the field, three, and the foul line
  • Great length that helps him finish around the basket and recover quickly on defense
  • High IQ defensive player who rarely gambles and projects to be great on that end at the NBA level
  • Solid rebounder for a guard
  • Elite work ethic and an awesome leader; he’s someone that you’d feel comfortable running your offense


  • Wonky jumpshot needs tweaking in order for him to effectively create his own shot
  • Lack of strength makes him a mismatch against “bulldog” guards and taller forwards
  • Contact finishing at the rim is one of his biggest weaknesses (could tie into lack of strength)
  • Doesn’t have a tremendously high ceiling like a lot of the other top prospects

Prospect Overview

Tyrese Haliburton is the perfect example of an elite floor general. He makes everyone around him better with his phenomenal playmaking and passing. He’s an efficient player from every area on the floor and wasn’t prone to jacking up bad shots. His form and overall release needs to be completely retooled; however, his pull-up game gives me great optimism. Defensively, he’s incredibly smart and doesn’t gamble a lot. He makes smart plays and he’s a natural-born leader. He’s not an incredibly sexy pick, but Haliburton has all the tools to be a very successful pro. He can do everything on the basketball court, he’s a great leader with an awesome work ethic, and he knows what it takes to win games.

Player Comparison: Lonzo Ball

  • Thomas Stapleton

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