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2020 NBA

Devin Vassell Draft Profile

Devin Vassell – G/F – Florida State


  • Tremendous three point shooter in college with a high, smooth release
  • Created 1 shot off the dribble as a freshman compared to 39 as a sophomore; there’s untapped potential for him to become a shot creator
  • Pretty good playmaker and passer for his size
  • Incredible on-ball defense with great size, length, and agility
  • Great team defender who reads the floor extremely well on defense and knows when to switch, help, etc.
  • Plays hard all the time and gives 110% whenever he’s on the court
  • Great work ethic


  • New jumpshot in recent workout videos gives cause for concern; looks way worse than his silky smooth shot he used in college
  • Really thin frame that makes it difficult to finish through contact right now. 
  • Doesn’t have a quick first step off the dribble; not likely to blow by a defender and get easy layups

Prospect Overview

Devin Vassell is easily one of my favorite prospects in this upcoming draft. He projects as a 3-and-D wing coming out of college but he has the potential to be so much more than that. As I stated in the pros section, Vassell was a vastly better shot creator in his sophomore year due to a tightened handle. If he continues to further improve that handle, he could be a guy that can generate his own offense. But even if that doesn’t happen, he’s still a tremendous three point shooter and a really solid passer for his position. His new jumpshot is a concern but it was only a small sample size and all the shots went in. His defense is also spectacular. His length, versatility, and frame make him a 3-4 position defender with tremendous upside on that end. He’s intelligent, committed, and he plays hard all the time on that end. Vassell has a phenomenal starting point as a 3-and-D wing. If he continues to work on his handle, he could be one of the best players in this class.

Player Comparison: Khris Middleton

  • Thomas Stapleton

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