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2020 NBA

Desmond Bane Draft Profile

Desmond Bane – Shooting Guard – TCU


  • Great three point shooter. He shot over 44% from deep last season on 6.5 attempts per game. His shooting mechanics are unorthodox, but his soft touch, 79% from the charity stripe last season, and his 44% on 6.5 attempts per game is why that doesn’t worry me at all.
  • Awesome shooter off screens. He relocates really well and has great footwork. He’s also a comfortable shooter off the dribble.
  • A very good passer. He’s got really nice court vision, good decision making, and is at his best as a playmaker when in the pick and roll. He can make those advanced reads that separate the good from the great in terms of playmaking.
  • Solid finisher around the rim. He’s got a nice touch around the rim and is capable of finishing with both hands. His ability to change pace and utilize the hang dribble gets him to the hoop.
  • Awesome defensive fundamentals. He’s a good team defender due to his instincts and IQ. His 6’4” wingspan isn’t great, but it’s enough against most guards considering his strength.
  • Very high IQ guy with experience. He’ll be able to make an immediate impact in the league. 
  • Rarely makes mistakes. He’s a guy you can rely on.


  • He lacks athleticism and lateral quickness. This limits his ceiling, especially defensively.
  • Needs to improve his ball handling skills to maximize his potential as a shot creator and playmaker.
  • Has a nice touch around the rim, but he struggles at finishing around the rim due to his lack of athleticism/explosion, plus his negative wingspan. 

Player Overview

Desmond Bane is a prospect that I really do like, and I’m quite high on him as well. Bane is a well-rounded prospect that’s coming into the NBA with a veterans skill set. He’ll be able to make an immediate impact due to his knockdown shot, ability to make plays for others, and the fact that he’s a capable defender at worst, but if he really wants to stand out, Bane will have to tighten up his handle and get a little more athletic. With that being said, Bane still has a very high floor and a semi-high ceiling, and I see him becoming a very successful pro.

Player Comparison: Malcolm Brogdon

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