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2020 NBA

Daniel Oturu Draft Profile

Daniel Oturu – Center – Minnesota


  • Very skilled inside scorer. He’s got nice footwork and an arsenal of post moves. He shot 72% at the rim last season, super efficient.
  •  A lot of potential as a pick and roll guy. He didn’t do it much in college, but he sets good screens and is an agile big who can roll to the hoop well and attack the rim.
  • Great offensive and defensive rebounder. Has a very high motor and he does a great job at getting position inside. He grabbed 11.3 rebounds per game last season.
  • Really good interior defender. He’s got great size and length that really helps him out, he can block shots at the rim. He’s definitely improving fundamentally.
  • Has potential as a shooter. Only took 1.7 attempts per game last season, and there are some other concerns, but he hit 37% of his threes, and he’s got nice footwork, balance, confidence, and touch on his shot. I’m optimistic about his three point shot.
  • Took a huge leap development wise from freshman to sophomore year at Minnesota.


  • While I’m optimistic about his shot, there are still concerns. His release is fairly slow, he attempted just 52 threes all year, and he shot just 71% from the charity stripe on 5.8 attempts per game, which isn’t terrible, but it isn’t encouraging.
  • Terrible defender in space. He’s going to get toasted in the pick and roll if he doesn’t improve here.
  • Needs to cut down on the turnovers on the post. He lacks court awareness/vision, and it’s why his assist numbers are low and his turnover numbers are up. Definitely limits his upside on reliability as a post guy in the NBA.
  • There are definitely concerns as to how he fits offensively in the NBA. He was a post orientated player in college, not sure that will be the case in the NBA.
  • Needs to get in better shape to see significant NBA minutes.

Player Overview

Daniel Oturu is an old school big man with an intriguing skill set. He’s got a great post game, and promise as a shooter, and his rebounding and rim protection gets you excited as well. With all that being said, he defends terribly in space and has poor court vision. My questions as to how he’ll fit in an NBA offense are certainly all noteworthy concerns. Despite this, I see Oturu finding a nice role for himself in the NBA, most likely off the bench.

Player Comparison: A Poor Man’s Deandre Ayton

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