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2020 NBA

Aaron Nesmith Draft Profile

Aaron Nesmith – G/F – Vanderbilt


  • Best three point shooter in the draft; shot 52% from deep and has great form, footwork, and a high FT%
  • Great off-ball movement; loves coming off of screens and pindowns and does a great job getting “shot ready”
  • Very analytical friendly shot selection
  • Showed raw flashes of being able to create off the dribble
  • Great defensive potential; has the size, footwork, and defensive IQ to become a stopper at that end
  • Sneaky athlete
  • Projects to be a great three point shooter and defender but if the rest of his game fills out, he’ll be scary good


  • Not a great ball-handler but has shown signs of improvement
  • Really poor finisher; shot 47% around the rim and struggled with contact
  • Not a tremendous playmaker nor rebounder
  • Suffered fracture in his left foot midway through the year

Prospect Overview

Aaron Nesmith should step into the league and automatically be one of the best shooters in the game. His quick trigger, great footwork, and high percentages from everywhere behind the arc all point to him being a tremendous shooter. Nesmith doesn’t need the ball in his hands either, as he’s arguably the best off-ball in the draft and he excels off screens, pindowns, etc. Defensively, there’s a lot to be excited about as well. He’s got the size and frame plus he plays hard all the time. Those things all point to him being a potential defensive stopper on the wing. Nesmith will always have a role in the league due to his shooting but if he can improve his handle and fill out the rest of his game, he’ll be a tremendous asset for any team.

Player Comparison: Buddy Hield with defense

  • Thomas Stapleton

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