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Will the Suga Show Go On?

As we have all seen, at UFC 252 ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley was stopped by ‘Chito’ Marlon Vera after an apparent leg injury he suffered in the fight. This obviously did not stop Chito from finishing the fight in the first round in a dominating fashion.

Some say the referee stopped the match prematurely, but the thing was Sean did not show the ability to defend himself within the fight. After rolling his ankle, Sean was moving in a very limited fashion and he eventually went down and was elbowed into oblivion. The question I will pose to you is, will the Suga Show continue?

Of course he will continue to get fights but will his fans still continue to support him after his antics? On Instagram, he posted a video of him dancing on his bad ankle and trolling the haters while a lot of the biggest voices in MMA were supporting him.

This video looks very bad for some, and some of the voices actually came out and said that his post-fight arrogance is disrespectful within the sport. He lost fair and square to a legitimate fighter in the biggest fight of his career, yet the way he is carrying himself after the fight shows otherwise. This leads me into my next point about some more antics.

He also came out on his podcast and stated that he lost to a guy who he thought was not that good. Marlon Vera is the highest ranked fighter that he has ever fought, and he lost the fight. Cody Garbrandt was one of the fighters who was basically saying Sean had not proved anything because he has not even fought a ranked fighter, so that he should stop with all of the trash talk towards everyone else in the division.

I am indifferent on this topic, because I don’t mind when a fighter is confident and thinks he is the best in the division, but at some point, you have to come to terms that you just aren’t. He could not get past Marlon, who is at best two or three more fights away from a title shot. I do not like how Sean is trying to disrespect his opponent, as he continues to troll whether it’s with his dancing or his Instagram post where he stated he was humbled:

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Antics like this may have gotten Suga where he is now, but will they continue? I think a loss in which you were carted off on a stretcher and got knocked out in the first round should be the turning point to calm down a bit? Maybe he is doing this because he was just exposed as one of the weaker fighters in the bantamweight division and is trying to keep his name relevant for popularity reasons?

These are questions we do not have the answer to right now, but we will be waiting patiently for them to be revealed. At the end of the day, I am still a fan of Sean O’Malley the fighter, but I am slowly losing respect for the “Suga Show” persona he has going and I am worried he is taking it too far.

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