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Will Jon Jones Move Up to Heavyweight

The headlines quickly changed from Stipe Miocic being the greatest heavyweight of all time to his next opponent potentially being Jon Jones. This was the story because Jones has decided to vacate his light heavyweight championship belt which he has been holding for the better part of his career to move up to heavyweight. There has been plenty of speculation on why he would do this at the time, but we’re going with a couple of the biggest theories.

One of the theories of why he is moving up is simply because he has no more competition at 205. This is fair to say, as he has beaten everyone who has been put in front of him, essentially cleaning out the division. The competition at heavyweight may not be better in reality, but the names are certainly bigger and could land him a much bigger payday which is what he is looking for.

This theory can be debunked though, however, because a lot of people thought he lost his last fight to Dominick Reyes. Dominick is one of those people as well, and he also chimed in to say that Jones is running away from the division now that the talent level has caught up with him.

I do not think that’s the case, but I can agree when he says that the talent is certainly catching up to Jon. His last couple of fights have been closer than we have grown accustomed to seeing with him usually dominating. 

Another one of the theories that has been floating around is that Jon is just chasing a superfight at this point in his career. This is one of the theories I believe to be true no matter what anyone including what Jones says. He has nothing left to prove to anyone in this sport, so why not just continue to try and land big pay days while beating opponents?

If anyone in the sport has earned this opportunity, it’s him. There are no superfights for him at light heavyweight just yet, as Israel Adesanya is not willing to move up to 205 just yet. The bigger names are at heavyweight such as the champion Stipe, Francis Ngannou, and even a fan favorite such as Derrick Lewis. 

With all this being said, it just comes as speculation until Jones gets booked to fight. I respect him for not wanting to hold up the light heavyweight division while he holds out for a bigger payday, and vacating his belt so that the division can move on without him.

I do think one day in the future he will come back down and have a superfight at light heavyweight against the next up and coming star just to show him that he is still the greatest light heavyweight of all time.

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