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Walt Harris Fights Through Tragedy

Walt Harris’ story is unreal. He is a warrior by every definition of the word and deserves to be praised to the highest standard a parent can be. For those of you who don’t know, tragedy recently struck Walt’s life when his step-daughter, who he loved like his own, went missing. He was in the middle of training to fight Alistair Overeem when he got the news that would change his life.

He immediately put everything he was doing on hold to search for Aniah. He had the entire UFC community backing him during this tough time and she was later found. Aniah had been murdered and his life would never be the same.

Walt says from that moment forward he would start to fight in her memory. He quickly got back into the gym to train for the biggest fight of his career with Overeem. A lot of people thought this was way too soon and that he should take some time off.

His warrior mentality got him back into the ring with a seasoned veteran and former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem. Dana White is quoted saying this will show us the type of man Walt Harris is. I believe his most recent performance was one for the ages even though he lost.

The fight started with Walt absolutely dominating Overeem for the beginning of the first round and the fight arguably should have been stopped. Overeem defended himself well though and changed the course of the round 1 to gain control of the fight.

In the second round, Walt seemed to have gassed himself out and Overeem responded and finished him with mercy. Overeem showed his respects after the fight was over and made sure that he congratulated Walt through these tough times.

Tragedy affects us all differently and coping isn’t something that can be compared in any situation. Some of us may want to be alone to cope, while others may want to be with close family and friends.

Walt’s way of coping is fighting for Aniah and making sure her legacy lives on and not letting anything else get in the way of her story. With the most recent loss, he will drop down in the ranks, but through this tragic event, he has become a fan favorite through it all.

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