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Usman vs Masvidal

UFC 251 is still on, and we have a new main event. Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal for the Welterweight Championship is going to be one for the ages right? This is set to be a classic fight that has been building up since the Super Bowl of this year and one that fans have been begging for ever since Jorge became the #1 contender.

‘Street Jesus’ is the guy who is known for baptizing his opponents, but this one feels a bit different. One thing that nobody is talking about is, what happens when Usman dominates him?

I have a different perception on how this fight is going to go. Everyone is on the Jorge hype train, and rightfully so. He was the Fighter of the Year last year and had some spectacular performances to back it up. Usman is a different breed though. Usman is someone who won’t be intimidated by the mental warfare that Jorge naturally implements with his trash talk, because he only really had a few days to say anything.

Taking this fight on short notice will be something that Jorge regrets later down the line when he loses. Such a formidable opponent like Usman, who has had a reign in which not only has he not lost a fight in his last 15 bouts, but he has only lost a couple of rounds in that time too.

Those rounds he lost were against Colby Covington in his first title defense, which was a fight he finished anyway, so it left no doubt in anyone’s mind who was the champion. 

Usman has been on a tear and is a complete fighter. He has excellent wrestling and takedown defense. He lands 50% of his takedown attempts and has never been taken down in the UFC. Jorge isn’t a guy who is gonna rush this fight to the ground, as his boxing and overall stand up are his strongest weapons.

With that being said, ‘The Nigerian Nightmare’ has shown his stand up can beat the absolute best in this division. Most recently proving it against Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington, who is one of the most gifted strikers in the sport. If Jorge doesn’t baptize him within the first couple of rounds, will conditioning be an issue for him since he hasn’t had a full camp like Usman?

Nate Diaz said that he felt Jorge’s conditioning was slipping before the doctors stopped the fight against him. I love both fighters, but I don’t like the way this looks for Jorge, and for that reason, I have Usman ending the hype train and knocking him out in the later rounds. 

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