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Top UFC Rivalries in 2020

This week I wanted to bring you a few of my favorite rivalries in the UFC right now. These are some of the best rivalries between the cream of the crop in this sport. Some of these fights may never happen, and this is what makes some of the back and forth a lot better. Trash talk should be at an all time high when the sport they compete in revolves around punching the other guy in the face, but for these duos, they are a bit higher than usual. Lets dive right into it, shall we?

The first one at the top of my list is Israel Adesanya vs Jon Jones. The middleweight champion has been poking fun at Jon Jones for quite some time now, and Jon being the physically bigger man has not been backing down. At first they had a back and forth with Jon saying that he would dominate Izzy and that he needed to fight a few more guys before he even got to his level. Izzy has since beaten the best of the best in his division, and continues to troll Jon along the way.

His most recent win over Paulo Costa was as dominant as it gets. Jon Jones has not dominated a fight like this in quite some time, so the pressure started to rise. After he vacated his belt in hopes of moving up to heavyweight to secure some money fights, Jon has not been opposed to meeting Izzy back at 205 which is his original weight class. Jon is presumably putting on weight so he can fight at heavyweight, and Izzy is pulling him back with the insulting tweets he has trolled Jon with thus far. This may never happen, but it is my favorite rivalry at the moment. 

Another rivalry which I think isn’t talked about nearly enough is Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal. This one has been swept under the rug, as basically everyone calls out Jorge now being that he is the biggest draw in the sport aside from Conor McGregor. This one started up by Jorge hitting him with a ‘three piece and a soda’ in a backstage scuffle. Leon, who has not lost in the last few years, has been open about wanting to get revenge on Jorge inside of the Octagon, but Dana does not seem to want to make this fight happen.

There is a stigma that this will cause a domino effect in that any fighter who wants to get a specific fight can just fight the guy backstage and it will eventually be made. I can understand from a business perspective on why this is the stigma and if true, why the match hasn’t been made yet, but I still want to see it. Leon deserves a big fight after he has had such a dominant run in the welterweight division.

The last guy who he lost to is now the champion, so it will make for an amazing storyline no matter who wins. The winner of this match can face the champion Kamaru Usman who has beaten both of them and just recently got his match against Gilbert Burns scrapped this calendar year. This is a no brainer fight for me to make, yet the UFC doesn’t seem to agree with me.

Lastly, one of my favorite rivalries right now is Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington. These two squared off last year, and Usman finished him in the final round. However, there is still bad blood and unfinished business between the two. Colby disputed the finish because he thought he was still in the fight, but there were no complaints about the outcome of the fight overall. Colby has a right to want a rematch, because he is the only guy to win a couple of rounds against Usman in the last few years.

Usman was not able to smother Colby with his wrestling as he did against most other guys, and the next fight will most likely be different. Colby just dominated Tyron Woodley, and was screaming that he wanted another shot at the champion. This sparked up some great back and forth banter between them, and it reminded me of the great first fight they had.

This is another fight I think the UFC can make at any time, and nobody will bat an eye. I understand that Burns is the #1 contender, however, this is now the second time that the match has been scrapped, and it would be understandable from a business perspective if Burns was skipped so we can see how the rematch in this rivalry plays out again.

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