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The Legendary Career of Anderson Silva

Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva is the main reason I started getting into UFC. He is widely regarded as the greatest middleweight of all time by anyone with eyes that work. He had one of the toughest runs to the top and stayed there for the better part of a decade. This weekend, he is set to fight Uriah Hall in what is said to be his last fight ever. It is very sad to see him go, especially with so much talent in the middleweight division now. It’s probably a few years too late, cause he is now 45 years old and still performing at a high level.

Just to show you how good Silva is, he is 34-10 at the moment, and he has not won a fight since 2017, and before that, he had not won a fight since 2012. Now of course this does not include the win he got over Nick Diaz in 2015, because there were drug tests failed on both ends and it was overturned to a no contest. His run before that was unprecedented, and he had won the title after just TWO UFC fights!

He then went on to defend that title 10 times, while in between moving up to light heavyweight to dominate fighters. The variety of ways he was finishing fights, had never been seen before. Knees, elbows, punches, even a front kick knockout over Vitor Belfort which is one of the most exciting finishes in UFC history. He looked invincible until the fire died out one night…

His first loss in the UFC came from his own doing. He was showboating with his hands down (as he did often) in front of Chris Weidman’s face and was put out. They immediately rematched the fight and then he tragically broke his leg. A lot of people thought the first fight was a fluke, and after the way the second fight ended, people would not let that go. Weidman was the new king of the division and it was never reclaimed by Anderson after that. He was already cemented as the greatest ever, and it hasn’t been challenged until recently when Israel Adesanya stood toe to toe with him and won. It’s probably too early to call Israel the best ever, but he is certainly on the way to greatness.

As for his last fight, Uriah Hall is one of the most feared strikers in the company, who is no stranger to performance bonuses either. Uriah is a knockout artist who would love to stand up with Anderson and send him out the way we all want to see this fight go. Nobody wants to see this fight go to decision, as we all want to see a kickboxing matchup for the most part.

Given both of their careers, I feel confident in saying that they will not try to take this fight to the ground at all. I’ve picked Anderson in every fight he has ever been in, cause I can’t bring myself to go against him, and this is the same thing. It just seems like him going out on a high note is what is meant to happen. My prediction for the fight is a TKO in the 3rd round after a highlight kick by The Spider.

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