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The Last Stylebender Moves Up

This week, we had some breaking news from the UFC. Israel Adesanya has been offered a fight with the current light heavyweight champion, Jan Blachowicz for the belt in a superfight. Israel stated he is willing to move up and take the belt, so it will entice Jon Jones to come back and try to get his belt he vacated earlier in the year. I do not think that Izzy will be dumb enough to overlook the current champion and take him lightly, but is he biting off more than he can chew?

In most weigh-ins, Izzy comes in under the middleweight bars of 185 pounds. If he bulks up and goes up to 205 pounds, will he be able to carry his speed and power up with bigger fighters? Jan isn’t a huge 205er, and believe it or not Izzy is the taller of the two. I strongly believe that Izzy is willing to concede the size aspect, because he did it in his last fight against a huge Paulo Costa. For me, the issue is going to be him bulking up and still keeping his speed and accuracy, which is his most lethal weapon. His counter punching and head movement will keep him in any fight that is standing up, which Jan loves to do as well. 

The breakdown of this fight is very interesting as well, as I believe we will get a kickboxing match. None of these guys want to take the fight to the ground, and they should not. They both have the knockout power to put anybody on the planet to sleep, and they also have the willingness to do so. It’s impossible for anyone to pick against Izzy in a kickboxing match with anyone in the UFC at any weight class, so I would have to think he knocks Jan out. 

One of the most important things about this fight is how it affects the middleweight division. After Robert Whittaker won, he did not seem to be excited to fight Izzy. This prompted Dana White and the UFC to allow him to move up and challenge Jan instead of staying in the middleweight division to defend his title. This will bring a good amount of time for another contender to build their case for a title shot alongside Whittaker.

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