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The Biggest Fight of All Time..?

Roy Jones Jr vs Mike Tyson has just been announced and this couldn’t be a better time for it. Even though there are people who wished this happened 20 years ago, I think it is actually a bigger fight now than it ever would have been.

Mike is notably one of the greatest heavyweights of all time and Roy is one of the best overall boxers of all time. He has been fighting for so long that he has won championship belts in multiple weight classes. He is so great that he is the only fighter to ever win a middleweight belt and a heavyweight belt. This is arguably the biggest fight of all time with two of the most credentialed boxers ever.

Obviously the elephant in the room is the age factor. They are both in their 50s and nobody should be fighting at that age right? Well, Roy has been active in the sport as recently as 2018. He will have a lot less ring rust to knock off in comparison to Mike who has not fought since 2005.

But Mike has been open in wanting to return for years. He has been passionate about his training for the past few months according to his social media posts. With that being said, the way his mindset is wired, a little ring rust shouldn’t have that big of an effect on him.

To make this fight happen they had to come to an agreement of a catch weight we can assume, as all of the details have not come out just yet. Regardless of that, the tale of the tape is going to be the biggest indicator of how this fight will go. Tyson is a 5’10 Southpaw who has a 71 inch reach. Roy is a 5’11 Orthodox fighter with a 74 inch reach.

With Roy having the height, reach, and experience advantage, it will be interesting to see how Mike closes the distance and makes this a brawl. I think if this fight stays on the outside, Roy is too technically superior for Mike to tag him repeatedly. Roy also is one of, if not the most skilled fighters ever, so it will not be easy for Tyson to bulldoze him as he used to do to his opponents. 

This fight is happening on September 12, 2020 and I will be tuned in. An 8 round exhibition match with an interesting card that will be filled in shortly. We already have the former NBA Dunk Contest Champion Nate Robinson fighting Youtuber Jake Paul confirmed on the card.

Hopefully we can get a few up and coming fighters on this card so they can get a little more exposure with the magnitude of this main event. My prediction as of now is a Roy Jones Jr decision win. It’s hard for me to pick against Mike, as he is one of my favorite athletes of all time, but the facts are the facts. Roy is bigger, more experienced, less ring rust, faster, and has half of the pressure on him. Nonetheless, we are in for the biggest fight in history, right?

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