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Should Tyron Woodley Retire?

One of the greatest welterweights of all time, Tyron Woodley, has become a punching bag for the top guys as of late. This is coming from a T-Wood fan; he should hang it up. The reasoning behind this has nothing to do with the fact that he lost his last three fights, but rather it’s the way he lost them. He has looked gun shy and afraid to engage on his feet.

This is something you could tolerate from a guy who can bring the fight to the ground with their wrestling, as Tyron can, but he just hasn’t. For whatever reason, he has not been able to generate any offense and it leaves me with the conclusion that retirement would be best for him.

All of his past accomplishments have very little to do with the now. Could he compete at welterweight and continue to fight top ranked athletes? Of course he could. Will he ever get back on the road to a title shot in this division? I do not believe so.

With the UFC President Dana White already not liking him, he has to be extra careful in his performances because he’s essentially walking on eggshells. Dana has also agreed that Woodley should retire after his most recent outing. This leaves me with the reason to believe that he is on his way out.

When you have not shown any flashes of offense in the last 15 rounds of combat you were in, it leads us to believe that there is something wrong. In his last fight, Colby Covington stood right in front of him and he would not swing. This is not the sport in which you want to hang around longer than you should. This sport is one in which one hit can change the texture of your food for a while.

Woodley already has such a prestigious legacy, and is almost a sure thing for the UFC Hall of Fame. This is why I do not want to see him continue to go out and not perform up to his capabilities. He is approaching 40 years old, and can’t do this forever of course.

For a fan like me, I would much rather remember him for his great knockout wins over guys like Darren Till rather than remembering him not winning a round in the last 75 minutes of action. The longer and longer he drags his career out with these lackluster performances, the more and more legacy he will lose.

Some have suggested maybe he should move up in weight class to fight at middleweight. I am one of the people who don’t think this will solve any of the issues we have seen him have. The issue isn’t with him making weight or fighters being too quick for him, the issue is he is afraid to throw. He trained all camp with Jorge Masvidal and Jorge said Tyron looked sharp all camp. It is disappointing to see him come out and lay a dud after this fight has been hyped up for years and was one of the most anticipated fights for me this year.

The overall fight did not disappoint me, but I do think Tyron’s output was lacking in all areas. Colby kept the pace on him, as he does everyone and it just seemed like he couldn’t keep up. I think it is time for the great T-Wood to pass the torch to the next wave of welterweights, respectfully.

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