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Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr.

This weekend we have the long awaited return of ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. He is going up against another all time great in Roy Jones Jr. In the year of 2020, this may be exactly what we needed as the year winds down. We would not have guessed this matchup would have ever happened when both fighters were active and were closer to their peaks in the 90s. Even with the age being the biggest factor, we are all still excited to see the return of one of the greatest athletes ever.

There has been talks about this not being a standard professional boxing match. The rounds will be eight instead of the twelve that are usually done. With the age, we can understand why the fighters would agree to less rounds than usual. They are no longer in championship fighter shape, and they would be gassed out before the final rounds, which nobody wants to see.

Another thing that was mentioned in the fight is that the rounds will only be two minutes instead of the standard three minutes. This is something that was stated due to the nature of this being an exhibition match and not a fully commissioned fight. Most people may be in for a shock when they buy the pay-per-view and realize that not only are the rounds are shortened, but the individual rounds will be shortened too. I expect this to have a negative turn out, as it was not promoted this way, but as an actual fight. 

The main thing about this exhibition is that there will reportedly not be a winner. At the end of all of the rounds, they will both have their hand raised and basically be given a participation trophy. This is not something we can be entirely sure of until the fight concludes but it has been explained as that by the promotion. The only way this fight has a real winner or loser is if one of them gets knocked out or quits midway through.

Now this is something I have debated if true or not, because how will that sway the sports betting crowd? That is something that has to be taken into account during the times now. As of now, the odds have not been released for this, and if that is the case then there can be no true winner or loser.

I do however believe that one of these guys will fall and fall hard. Roy Jones has been the more active fighter at his age, and Mike Tyson has not taken a hit in a decade and a half. Even with the scary power I’m sure he still possesses, he will not be able to hit Roy clean enough to knock him out. IF there is a winner out of this, it will be ‘Captain Hook’.

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