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Is Jake Paul Legit?

Jake Paul, most notably known for being a famous YouTuber, has now made his way to everyone’s social media feed. He recently was on the card with Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr going up against former NBA star Nate Robinson. And by now, I am sure you have all seen the viral knockout that came from that fight. With that knockout, he has now issued a challenge to Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather, and others. This leads us to first ask, is he even legit?

He gets full credit for knocking out Nate Robinson. I am not trying to take anything away from him, but Nate has never boxed professionally before. He may have gotten a little too ahead of himself and took the YouTuber lightly. Not gonna lie, I definitely thought that Nate would win the fight, due to the athleticism it takes for anyone to make the NBA, let alone be 5’9 and make it there. Nate was one of the better athletes in the league, and that is proven by him winning the Slam Dunk contest three separate times. With that being said, Nate looked completely outclassed. He looked as if he had never boxed a day in his life and just aimlessly charged forward at Jake. Jake made quick work of him and knocked him out cold.

Now there is a huge gap between a guy who has never boxed professionally and Floyd Mayweather. Jake Paul will not even get the match with Floyd, due to the weight differential. Jake is around 190 lbs compared to Floyd who weighs around 150 lbs. Is there a possibility that Floyd comes out of retirement to fight again? Yes. But to fight someone who has no real experience nor a big enough name to generate the type of money he moves for is a stretch. Floyd will not box for anything less than 100M, and even with the recent fanfare, I’m not sure if Jake can help him sell this fight.

Something more realistic for him is Conor McGregor, who actually has less professional boxing bouts than Jake, but the weight differential is a big issue as well. Conor is about 170 lbs, and he is also in a contract with the UFC. Dana White would not let him fight outside of the promotion for charity, so he definitely won’t allow him to fight outside the company for money. Dana would want to co-promote this and possibly even sponsor it if it was big enough. 

I’m not going to say he can’t land another big name fight, but he will certainly have to reach a little bit lower. There is another MMA fighter named Dillon Danis who has also been called out by Jake. That may be more up his alley as far as skill level, but even then Dillon’s striking may be significantly better than Jake’s given his MMA background. This is one that I would like to see personally, but if he can’t land it, then I would like to see a matchup with another big named professional athlete from another sport.

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