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Forgotten Fighters

There are a plethora of great fighters in the UFC and over the span of multiple divisions, great athletes can get lost in the shuffle. There are plenty of fighters who have been passed up on title shots due to things outside of their control. There are also lots of fighters who have done everything right in their career yet they are still on undercards or not seeing the success that they may want to see.

Being an elite fighter isn’t enough anymore, and you can get passed up on a chance to further your career by a lot of things. Let’s dive into a couple of the forgotten fighters in the UFC right now.

The first one I would like to mention is Leon Edwards. He is one of the most talented welterweights in the world, and he hasn’t lost in years! Some people don’t think he is exciting enough, so there’s no real fanfare pushing him to get a title fight. He is probably most known for getting hit with a ‘3 piece and a soda’ by Jorge Masvidal backstage. Jorge has been one of the guys who have jumped him in line to get a title shot because of all of the fanfare he has.

The COVID-19 pandemic originally had stopped Leon from being able to get out of his native country. With that, he was unable to participate in any of the amazing shows the UFC has been putting on since it started.

Another point is that he may need a few more exciting finishes. It’s not fair to expect these guys to finish every fight that they are in, as the guy across the cage also has pride, skill, and a family who doesn’t want to see him knocked out. Oh yeah not to mention, he already has fought the champion in Kamara Usman already, so let’s see that rematch!

Another guy who has been forgotten about is Conor McGregor. I know what you are thinking, how can you forget about the biggest name in combat sports? His name is mentioned all the time, and nobody has forgotten about him. The reason I say this is because of all of the other names moving around in the division.

Conor’s last fight at lightweight was against Khabib, who he won a round against. Nobody wins rounds against Khabib so that just goes to show how good Conor is. We are hearing Khabib tell people that after he beats Justin Gaethje he wants Georges St Pierre and then he will retire.

He also said that he wants to see someone beat Dustin Poirier and Tony Ferguson and if they get through them then he will fight them. When the champion makes these demands, usually they get met, but let’s pump the brakes.

I am a believer that Conor deserves a rematch against Khabib seeing how he was the champion before that. Khabib is making it so Conor is essentially irrelevant in the title picture which isn’t right. Conor’s last 2 out of 3 fights have been at different weights too, which gives him credibility at the welterweight division also.

At welterweight, you have Gilbert Burns who is in line for a title shot now, Colby Covington who is very much deserving of a rematch, and Leon Edwards as mentioned above who is also in line. This will make it very hard for Conor who is a main event only fighter to find a matchup, all the while having so many title shots coming up for the end of the year.

The UFC has recently signed Michael Chandler who is argued as the pound for pound best in the world too, who may be a good draw for Conor and the winner faces the lightweight champion. 

These guys have been forgotten in very different ways. One guy got forgotten due to not having fanfare and the travel limitations due to COVID-19. Another guy is being forgotten even though he has every fight fan in the world waiting on his next move. But with the overall talent level and direction of the divisions he can compete in, it will be hard to see him getting a title fight with his next gig.

The moral of the story is to not let a fight go by in which you do not have the next opponent lined up. I’m sure that they will have fights eventually, but they should focus on getting something secured sooner before they are a thing of the past.

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