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Fight Island is a Huge Success for the UFC

One of the more controversial sports topics that have come up since COVID-19 is, when will sports return? Those of us who love sports have been in a never ending cycle of watching highlights from our favorite athletes.

If you are really into sports and tend to watch the talk shows and podcasts like me, then you know the topics have been very limited for the last few months. Along with all of the recycled topics and the false truth that there are no sports going on, the UFC has been putting on amazing events which will now be taken to a new level.

Throughout this pandemic, the UFC was hosting events in their UFC Apex arena, which is located in Nevada. It wasn’t one of the highly affected areas, so the events were able to be hosted without much push back from the government and community. However, fighters from other countries were not able to travel freely back and forth between their families and the Apex due to the travel bans that most countries have. 

The UFC has come up with an amazing idea to utilize an island off the coast of Abu Dhabi called Yas Island to host international fights. There are no travel bans for the island, so fights can include fighters who are able to get out of their respective countries, but could not get into the United States. This island was first utilized for UFC 242 when Khabib Nurmagomedov took on Dustin Poirier in the main event. Since then, the UFC has not used it up until now.

The testing and sanitation has been top of the line according to anyone who has anything to say about it. The only positive test from anyone who was on the island was from Gilbert Burns, and he was quickly replaced in the main event by a more notable fighter in Jorge Masvidal.

They have been extremely good with the testing and they have hosted multiple events on the island that have all been huge successes. They will be hosting another event tonight, which will be 3 events within a week’s span.

I believe if the UFC can keep up this level of production with most of the major sports either still not being played, or not starting up yet, then the UFC can start to attract more mainstream media.

It would be nice to see some of the talk shows on ESPN or FS1 talk about some of the fights rather than the same topic they have been talking about since the end of March. Fight Island has been and continues to be a huge success, and the UFC deserves more credit than what they are currently getting for doing so in the most dire time of need.

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