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Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier Rematch

It is almost all but finished, the long awaited rematch between Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier. Some of the more recent fight fans may not remember their first match, but this is one that we have seen before. Conor knocked out Dustin fairly easily in their first go-round which was over six years ago! Dustin is a completely different fighter now, and I don’t see this one being stopped within two minutes again.

First off, we should be appreciative that Conor McGregor has stepped out of his previous retirement. A lot of us assumed he would be back soon, but you never know with him. He started the year saying he wanted to fight a few times this year, and he only has fought once. Due to the pandemic, this is understandable for him to not be as active as he wanted to be. The UFC was not willing to rush him into many fights after his most recent victory over Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, and so he retired, but Mystic Mac is back!

Now time to dive into the fight that has been matched up. Conor and Dustin previously fought at 145 pounds, which neither of them are going to be returning to anytime soon. This fight is assumed to be at 155 pounds, so the winner of it would be the #1 contender for the lightweight championship; however, the weight class has not been announced.

Dustin has since said in interviews that he wouldn’t mind the fight being at 170 pounds because it would be easier for him to not have to cut as much weight. This would be the same thing for Conor, and I believe it would be his best chance at winning this fight. Conor at 170 has been unbelievable throughout his career, and his most recent win shows that. Dustin would be fighting at 170 for the first time, which is unchartered territory for him. 

Another point about the fight is that Dustin has improved dramatically since the last time they fought. Usually in rematches, the fighter who wins usually holds some sort of psychological advantage against the fighter who lost. This is one of those that I disagree with because of how confident Dustin has been speaking as of late, makes me believe that he is ready to prove himself and get another shot at Khabib and the belt.

If this fight takes place at 155 pounds, I believe Dustin edges out Conor long term. His cardio will be an issue, and if Conor cannot knock him out early, he may not have the cardio to take the fight late. Now all of this changes if they somehow fight at 170, in which I think Conor takes him out just as quick as he did the first time around. Conor is the more powerful striker between the two of them, but it will be interesting to see if he can still take that confidence to a lower weight class in which he lost his last fight to Khabib.

Overall, I think this is going to be a great fight, and is my early pick for fight of the year. It will be one of the first cards of the year, and therefore a statement will be made. Conor being the better fighter to most, will win unless this goes the distance at lightweight. If Dustin can drag him into the later rounds and try to pour it on late, I can see Conor spoiling his lightweight return and eventually going back to boxing. He has already said that he will look to box Manny Pacquiao after this match, so is his head in it to begin with? These are questions we do not have the answer to right now, but we will be waiting patiently for them to be revealed.

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