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Playbook Athlete Wants to Know Why You Grind

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, high-school student-athletes are constantly finding different ways to market themselves to collegiate programs across the nation. With the exception of the 4-and 5-star recruits that garner all the media attention, the far majority of these up-and-coming athletes depend on having a season to showcase their raw talent to scouts. Many of these kids try posting highlights on YouTube and/or across social media but may not get the traction they need. Playbook Athlete is there to help them. 

Playbook Athlete is a media marketing company that provides innovative brand exposure across the athletic and academic markets. Their job is to promote high-school level (and at times earlier) student-athletes to colleges using both their Twitter page, which carries over 34,000 followers, and their website. 

Last week, I spoke with Playbook Athlete’s Managing Partner, Curtis Gladney, to get a better understanding of what this company’s mission is and what makes them unique in their efforts to help these student-athletes. We also spoke about Playbook Athlete’s very popular #WhyIGrind movement, which incorporates showcasing why these players work the way they do, as well as allowing them to further their development both on the field and in the classroom.

Hear the entirety of my interview with Curtis Gladney here:

If you are a high-school student-athlete wanting to take the next step in their playing career, give Playbook Athlete a look on their website, and their Twitter @PlaybookAthlete.

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