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NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys Breakdown Part 2

The NHL released 31 brand new jerseys on Monday inspired by each team’s past. The “reverse retro” jerseys put a fun spin on a previously worn uniforms. These uniforms take vibrant colors and combine them with traditional logos and designs. This is the first time in recent memory that the NHL has released a new uniform for every team all at one time. This was a brilliant idea by the NHL as not only will it generate revenue through sales but will grow the game by creating internet hype and different looking uniforms than most other sports. These are my rankings of the “reverse retro” jerseys 11-20.

20. Dallas Stars

Stars' reverse-retro jerseys pay homage to 1999 Stanley Cup – The Athletic

The Stars are going back to 1999 with their reverse retro threads. The mostly gray jersey features the old logo on both the shoulder and chest as well as the original jersey design from the team’s relocation. These jerseys are simplistic but fit the definition of “reverse retro.” Like I said in my previous article, I am looking for vibrance first and if the Stars offered this then they would be much higher.

19. San Jose Sharks 

Power Ranking Every NHL Team's New Reverse Retro Jersey - On Tap Sports Net

These Sharks jerseys are the definition of clean. The 1998 inspired jerseys feature the original Sharks logo from their franchise’s debut. The bottom of the jersey features a teal band and the sleeves show teal, white, and black that extend up to the shoulders. San Jose should, in my opinion, consider adding these to their normal uniform rotation.

18. St. Louis Blues

Blues unveil Reverse Retro jersey from adidas

The Blues are one of the only teams who truly reversed their retro jersey. The 1995 “trumpet jersey” simply switched its blue and red fields to make the blue music note really pop. The “trumpet jerseys” got their names from the shoulder patches which depict a blue trumpet. These jerseys fulfill my requirements as they are vibrant and are, in my opinion, the right jerseys to remake. 

17. Nashville Predators

Nashville Predators Unveil New-ish Uniforms - On the Forecheck

The Predators are also throwing it back to their franchise’s birth. These 1998 inspired jerseys showcase both the old design and original “predator” logo. The jerseys were originally navy-blue with yellow shoulders and silver accents but are now remade into the yellow with navy accents and silver shoulders you see above. An additional touch on these jerseys are the sabretooth tiger logo on the shoulders.

16. Tampa Bay Lightning 

Lightning unveil adidas Reverse Retro jersey system

The Lightning are throwing it back to their ’04 championship season with their reverse retro jerseys. The old-school Lightning logo is one of my personal favorite retro logos. The jersey itself is simplistic with a field of blue cut off with a band of white at the bottom and white shoulders. The shoulder logo depicts a lightning both overlapping with the state of Florida.

15. Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens release reverse retro jersey - Eyes On The Prize

The Canadiens are going back to their glory days as well. These 1976 inspired jerseys are the definition of reverse retro. This is just about as much as you can do with the NHL’s most recognizable brand. The blue and red areas of the jersey are simply inverted to create a sleek look, while keeping the original red Canadiens logo. These Montreal jerseys are a perfect start to the top half of the list.

14. New Jersey Devils

Power Ranking Every NHL Team's New Reverse Retro Jersey - On Tap Sports Net

The Devils are going green! The classic New Jersey threads come straight from 1982. This is almost exactly what I hoped the Devils would do with their reverse retro jerseys. The dark-green base pays homage to New Jersey’s past with the third color that they have gone away from the past two decades. My only criticism with this is that there is a lot going on at the bottom of these jerseys. These threads would be perfect if the bottom stripes were smaller and slightly moved down.

13. Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks reveal black 1940s-inspired Reverse Retro jersey -  Second City Hockey

The Blackhawks’ reverse retro jerseys are from all the way back in 1940 when there were only six teams in the NHL. The logo in the center of these jerseys are similar to Chicago’s original design when they were founded in the early 1900’s. The inversion of the red and black give these classic threads a sleek, modern design. The white stripes that set off the red areas on the sleeves and shoulders complete this retro redesign. 

12. Los Angeles Kings

The Kings are going back to their original purple and yellow colors. These 1989 style jerseys provide a long-overdue return of the King’s classic color scheme. These jerseys should fly off the shelves out west as they match the colors of the 2020 NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers. My only critique of these threads are that they should have used the original crown logo, but the one they used here is still great. 

11. Ottawa Senators

Power Ranking Every NHL Team's New Reverse Retro Jersey - On Tap Sports Net

The Senators completed their total branding overhaul with these 1992-style jerseys. These threads also mimic the Senators’ jerseys they wore when they first entered the league. The basic field of red with a few black stripes and numbers give the Senators a sleek finish to their uniform update. The old-style Senator logo on the chest is also the same logo they will be using on their rebranded uniforms during the entire 2021 season.

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