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NHL Goes Retro, Releases 31 New Jerseys

The NHL released 31 brand new jerseys on Monday inspired by each team’s past. The “reverse retro” jerseys put a fun spin on a previously worn uniform. These uniforms take vibrant colors and combine them with traditional logos and designs. This is the first time in recent memory that the NHL has released a new uniform for every team all at one time. This was a brilliant idea by the NHL as not only will it generate revenue through sales, but will grow the game by creating internet hype and different looking uniforms than most other sports. These are my rankings of the “reverse retro” jerseys 21-31.

31. Philadelphia Flyers 

Flyers unveil new 'Reverse Retro' jerseys with call-back to 1980s and 90s |  RSN

So, let me start by saying that I like 30 out of the 31 “reverse retro” jerseys. This right here would be the one. The Flyers tried to go back to 1995, but really just rearranged their current uniform. The only difference in the reverse retro is the jersey’s sleeves which in my opinion are kind of ugly. It may be because I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, but the Flyers new threads just are not doing it for me. 

30. New York Islanders

See the Isles' and Rangers' new reverse retro jerseys | Newsday

The Islanders are throwing it back to the 1980’s with their reverse retro jerseys. These jerseys are clean with a navy-blue field and two thick stripes of white and orange, respectively. I would be a huge fan of these jerseys, but there are two major problems here. The first problem is that they are too similar to their current jerseys with the second problem being that they missed a golden opportunity to bring back what many fans call the “fisherman logo.” All in all, they are still solid jerseys.

29. Vegas Golden Knights

Vegas Golden Knights And adidas Unveil All-New Reverse Retro Jersey

Yes, even the three-year-old franchise has a “reverse retro” jersey. The Golden Knights drew inspiration from an old minor league hockey team that used to call Vegas home in 1995. The Knights took that old uniform design and put their own color scheme on it. The center logo was the first revealed logo in Golden Knights franchise history back when the expansion team was first announced. The main field of red has been taken in and out of Vegas jerseys the past three years, but now has a place to be that primary color.

28. Detroit Red Wings

Red Wings unveil 2020-21 Reverse Retro alternate jersey -

The Wings are going back to their 1998 Stanley Cup Finals victory with their new threads. These jerseys are clean, but way too basic for me. Personally, I am looking for vibrant colors and cool designs in these new jerseys. The Wings decided to stay simple with white and a few gray stripes. Overall, it is a nice, sleek-looking jersey but once again it is just not what I am looking for in the reverse retro series.

27. Minnesota Wild

Wild unveils Reverse Retro Jersey for 2020-21 season

The Wild are throwing it back to the 1978 Minnesota North Stars. I was extremely excited when I saw the Wild’s preview, but then disappointed when I saw the front of the jersey. The light green and yellow just does not look right on the Wild’s current logo. The stripes on the bottom of the jersey, the sleeves, and the shoulders are fantastic, but once again the logo just is not right. Great effort and still a solid jersey, though.

26. Vancouver Canucks

Canucks, adidas and NHL Unveil Reverse Retro Alternate Jersey

The Canucks are rewinding to the early days of the Sedin twins; 2001. Vancouver’s jerseys back then were noting spectacular, while some would even go as far as calling them ugly. These revamped threads are anything but ugly as the old red color was replaced with the Canuck green. The sharp lines on the sleeves help break up the two colors, but still let the green and blue fade into each other around the logo.

25. Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets Adidas Reverse Retro uniform revealed | Illegal Curve Hockey

The Jets are going gray. The 1979 inspired jerseys call back to the Jets’ first stay in the city of Winnipeg. The Jets design is similar to the Flyers, but much simpler. The gray and dark blue combination is still a bit bland, but it goes well in this design. I would have liked to see the light blue inside of the logo be a dark red instead, but still a solid jersey.

24. Toronto Maple Leafs

New Maple Leafs' 'Reverse Retro' jersey sparks debate | Toronto Sun

The Leafs are going back to 1970 with their reverse retro jersey. The old maple leaf logo with its simple jagged edges is beautiful, but the size of the logo on these jerseys is just too big. Also, the bottom stripe on the jersey is too wide. If there is one thing that is perfect on this jersey is the shoulder stripes and numbers. If the logo on the front was just a bit smaller, then this jersey would be top 15.

23. Boston Bruins

Ranking the Atlantic Division Reverse Retro jerseys: The good, the bad, and  the Red Wings - Stanley Cup of Chowder

Boston’s reverse retro jerseys are from 1990 and actually have every color reversed. Every yellow section in this jersey was previously black, every black section was yellow, and every white section was yellow. The shoulder features an old-style growling bear. In my opinion, the Bruins missed an opportunity to put their classic alternate logo of the side profile of a brown bear walking. 

22. Edmonton Oilers

The NHL's reverse retro jerseys are here!

The Oilers are throwing it back to their dynasty days of the late 1970’s. These Oilers jerseys are clean, and I personally have no problem with them. There are just 21 better jerseys from this series. The Oilers went with their old light blue accents and were heavy on the orange. These uniforms give a modern twist to a classic uniform that was worn by one of the most dominant teams in NHL history.

21. Columbus Blue Jackets

 Blue Jackets new 'reverse retro' jersey will feature red for the first time

The Jackets are taking it back to their debut season with the 2000 themed jersey. This jersey would be way higher on my list if the main color of the logo and the main color of the jersey were different. The design of the jersey and logo by itself are brilliant, but the red on red is a bit busy. The Jackets’ original logo has been begging for a comeback and it finally got it. A nice touch to this jersey are the white stars on the blue cuffs on the jersey’s sleeves.

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